A little problem

Last time I counted we had 22 new stamps at the factory and I intended to give you a peek of most of them this week, but we have been notified that we need to protect our images more and there for until I can disable "right click and save" options, you will have to wait a little longer. Its sad that people are abusing artwork and that we can not post freely without taking so much action to protect ourselves. Enough said.

So I will show you my picks from our Dt blogs this week, our team are amazing and there work is first class, who would not love to receive a hand made card as pretty as any of  these?

Maya used Spread your wings from SIMPLY SASSY on this beautiful card

A very striking card, Tiets used a digi image from SIMPLY ADORABLE range

Judy has used In a While from our Leanne Ellis range to create a piece of art in itself

Alison has used Skater Girl from SIMPLY SASSY to create a clean and fresh look

Over on the SIMPLY SASSY blog there has been candy and two new guests, remember to jump over and read all the news and keep up to date with all that's SASSY.

I am so impressed with the challenge over on Facebook,
its great to see people try new things and loving them!

So its a Candy free day for the time being but I will be back as soon as I have learnt something new.
Wish me luck!



Welmoed said...

Beautiful cards from the team!
Like them all!


Sonia said...

Just stunning :)all the cards are beautifully made. Looking forward to seeing the next lots of images.
Hugs Sonia xx

Shazza said...

such beautfiul cards Karen and very sad news about needing to protect yourselves more :0(
My stamps arrived today so I cannot wait to get colouring

xGemmax said...

Wow they are all absolutely stunning girls :o)
hugs and xxx

Ms. Jen said...

Grrr, that makes me so mad. I hate it when people do that! Who in the heck do they think they are??? Alot of time and energy goes into these and your just a schmuck if you take someone else's work!! Beware......we will find you.

weewiccababe said...

well its a shame that a selfish minority spoil it for the rest of us
good luck

leia said...

Hi Karen, I love seeing sneak previews and think it's a shame that dishonest people mean you can't even safely do this. Anyway here's a couple of links to help you with disabling right-click:

Juls said...

As Always such stunning cards!!...loving all the inspiration, I am not on facebook so unable to join the challenge there....but still think I will have to have a go at the side step card! Hugs Juls

Paula said...

Not really Candy free - it's Eye Candy day! So you did give us candy anyhow. Sorry to hear about all the naughty goings too.
Paula (PEP)

Maria Therese said...

I'm sorry to say that to avoid people to right click is not enough and only avoiding people with little computer knowledge to take them.
There is that screen capture mode that anyone can use..
What I see as the best solution is to water mark the images and resize them too small to use for anything but big enough to view.

Sheila said...

Its disgusting that you cannot let real crafters see your fab stamps because there are crooks out there who are willing to steal them and sell them as their own! Cant wait to see them never the less! Fab DT cards.

Gabbi said...

Well it's sad that it has come to this but we will wait because your stamps are worth it. Love all the DT cards.

Lynne in NI said...

Ohhh, gorgeous cards! Looking forward to seeing all the new releases!

FairyD said...

Sorry to hear that this is happening...I've sent you an email...hope it helps.

FairyD x

Thistleblue said...

Gorgeous cards from the ladies. It's such a shame that you have to protect your images more. Hope you get it sorted and we can see all the pretty new images.
have a great day

Mummylade said...

it's a sad problem but I think it's ok to show coloured stamp images, you can still see how the stamp will look but it makes it really tricky for those that want to save and edit images digitally.