Digi Delights

As I contemplate rubber V digital, I have now learnt that these are two completely different markets, there are only a few crafters that dabble with both.

 We have added several new images to our digi range available HERE

I can see the advantage of an instant fix, you buy it and use it right away, you can re size and flip making your choices as you go. No postal charges and no storage problems. SO there are a few positive points with digital, the negative points are knowing how to use them and desk top publishing, if you do not possess basic knowledge its best to learn first rather than buy and become frustrated with your own lack of ability. I know that spending some time learning photo shop is something that I have to do and do it soon but I am not looking forward to it at all. It also depends on which colouring medium you prefer to work with and that is why stamping will always have the edge, giving you far more choice in which pens and inks you can work with rather that what works with your printer ink.

First and foremost Sugar Nellie is a rubber stamp company but with so much artwork backing up we have released some designs as digital stamps. Have a look HERE

I know have some new designs which we could also release are either or maybe even both, I am unsure about this, let me your thoughts, I need a little guidance here. I have a couple more Sherbet Pips that I may try out on digi just to confirm that the markets are in fact different

let me know your thoughts, you know how good you all are at helping me out :)



~ Ali Watson ~ said...

I'm with rubber all the way. Digis and me are just not compatible or my ink! I think it's like Marmite you either love them or you don't.

Plus I LURVS the smell of the rubber when its new I used to snoke my DT envelope.... i know weird as weird can get :D

how you getting on with you MOB outfit?

Ali x

Lisa said...

I LOVE digi stamps. Partly because I can get my hands on them a lot quicker than rubber and also because I love being able to resize, flip etc the stamps. They're so much more versatile (IMO). But I think making the stamps available as both digi and rubber stamps, all of us crafter's get the best of both worlds :)

Lisa x

Craftilicious said...

I use both digi and rubber. If a company produces the same images in both formats, I often go for the digi as they are cheaper. I know people struggle to sort them out for colouring, but I use copics, pencils and blending solution, and don't have too much of an issue with my ink (lexmark). I am fairly pc literate, but am no DTP expert - I just save them and use them in word to print off in the size I need (dragging the corner of the box). I do have a freeware DTP programme which works like photoshop which allows you to overlap a couple of digi images but I haven't tried it yet.
Hope that helps on the research front.

Janette said...

Hi Karen, I think to be able to have the choice to buy in either digi or rubber is a fab way to go, surely that pleases all.I do love both to be honest, but I do prefer digi for lots of reasons...don't know if any of this helps, it's just my thoughts on it...good luck with it all anyway....love your sweet stuff..xxx

marion said...

I'm an oldfashionate stamper (LOL) and love to ink the rubber up. So personally I preffer rubber only. But perhaps there's a good market for digi's ? Hugs, Marion

Cathy said...

I use both rubber and digi stamps ... love the greater freedom of medium that rubber gives. But also the instant, alterable fix that digis give.
To be able to buy some images as both would be fantastic. I sometimes want my rubber images much bigger for a project, and resizing is only possible to do it with digi images. But I still NEED to get inky fingers and touch the rubber!
The Sherbert Pips I am sure would do as well as digis as rubber ... well I'd buy both!!

Cathy xx

Denise and Louise said...

I love to use to both but tend to buy more digis these days as they are, as you say, instant and take up no room at all (except on my hard drive!). Would love to see some Sherbet Pips in digi and it would be great to see you release your stamps in both formats and therefore satisfy both camps.
Denise xx

FionaJ said...

mmmmm, I'm a rubber girl every time, although in saying that I do have a few digis that I play with (all nellies of course) that Rubber rubber rubber

Tiets said...

I'm a fan of real rubber! But sometimes I buy a digi stamp too, but I love stamping my self with ink and paper!!
Can't wait to see new sherbet pips!
hugs Tiets

Teri said...

I much prefer digi's over rubbah, as I tend to get flustered with it and can never get a good print without bits fading or filling in. But then, as I have training in graphics that's where my allegiance lies anyway! LOL
Like you say - digi's are soooo versatile, you can resize, zoom in, cut off bits, flip, whatever!
I don't have a problem with printer ink. I use a regular epson printer with regular ink, and I print large, colour in with watercolour pencils and don't have a huge problem with ink run. Not sure how markers work with that as I don't use them. After colouring I re-scan and can resize the coloured-in image too, and print off several images to layer up like in decoupage.
Hope that's a bit helpful hun! (Oh, and I use photoshop, not too hard once you know how!)

coops said...

i do have a few digi`s but i much prefer to buy rubber stamps.if your pc crashes and you`ve not had a chance to do a backup you would lose all your images, at least with rubber that wouldn`t happen and theres nothing like getting a parcel of new rubber through the letterbox :D

xx coops xx

Shazza said...

yeah I am a fan of both Karen, I love the instant fix but it can be annoying when the ink smudges when colouring. Digis are usually a cheaper option too and from a storage point of view, my OH prefers them on the hard drive than on the dining table lol

Paula said...

I've not managed to get the hang of digi yet - I like the actual process & skill of using ink & knowing the ink & the paper plus being able to colour whilst being in control of how the ink behaves on said paper/card. I like the skill of rubber stamping & colouring. I spent an hour today just trying to get the computer to print a simple document; waste countless pieces of precious cardstock because the printer only picks up half way through the document. Give me piece of rubber any day. Yes - you've guessed.........rubber for me. But I do think they are two different markets.
Paula (PEP)

ourmoi said...

I am fairly confident with photo shop elements and enjoy making my own backing papers, and I do have a few digi's. But give me rubber any day! I feel the cards I produce, with rubber stamps, are more my own work and more handmade than with dig's. Hope thatmakes sense!

sue said...

I use both rubber and digi stamps
sue xx

Kim said...

I use and love them both! If the image is something I want I can work with it either way. I would love to see more digi from you all!

Jenée said...

I use both, but prefer digi. After 18 years of stamping, rubber collection is taking up a lot of real estate in my craft room. Digi stamps take up virtual space only. I also live in the US, so waiting for rubber to be shipped and arrive is a disadvantage. I would love to see more companies (yours for one because I adore your images) offer more images in both formats.