Sweet for my Sweet

Sugar for my Honey.........
yes that's me singing again, cant carry a tune in a bucket but its better that it stays in my head.

I have just had Cass drop in again, there is a reason she took her holidays in the NE just a little bit from the HOUSE OF SUGAR. She's off to Aberdeen to surprise a very talented lady that we all know very well.:)
Cass came in with a box of cup cakes, yummy yummy. AND knowing she has a thing for cup cakes I had to show her this site HERE and these pic's of these pieces of art

 WOW Just look at them! They are AMAZING and so beautiful, if a cake can be called beautiful.
If I could I would be at the next
Cupcake Class on Sunday 14th August at the beautiful Farncombe Estate in the Cotswolds.

10/10 for the CREATIVE CAKE ACADEMY for their amazing creations

off now to put the kettle on and eat one of the lovely cup cakes that Cass took in.
anyone want to join me?



Fiona said...

wow they are gorgeous cupcakes but too pretty to eat!!


~ Ali Watson ~ said...

Oh my how fab are these!!!

thanks for link

Ali x

marcelline said...


Maria Therese said...

Oooooooooo I'll come right away!!!

Erika said...

OMG those cakes are amazing. Enjoy!

Shazza said...

wow these look amazing, gorgeous colours and too good to eat.
Hope you enjoyed your cupcake x

The Creative Cake Academy said...

Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments about my cupcakes -they really are an extension of my love of creating beautiful things -I especially love card crafting too. I hope some of you will get a chance to keep up to date with forthcoming workshops and new ranges I am creating. Here is a link to my Facebook page and my blog, if you get a chance come over and give us a 'Like'.

Ann - The Creative Cake Academy xx

Sheila said...

OMG hope you haven't eaten them - they are too good to eat . I would just sit and look at them for hours if I had them girls! Sheila:)X

Pat said...

Oh my gosh! These aren't beautiful...they're STUNNING!!!! And Fiona's right...far too gorgeous to eat!! I'd shallac them and use them in my house as knick-knacks!! hehehe!! Hugs. Pat Frank

Sarah said...

My goodness,these are stunning! I like baking cupcakes myself - but never to this standard, you wouldn't want to eat one, would you!!! Sarah

Elaine said...

These cupcakes are fabulous but look far too good to eat!
I wish they sold them..I would certainly buy them but never try to make them.

Love Elaine xx

Paula said...

I've never seen anything like this before - amazing.
Paula (PEP)
Thanks for an amazing treat.

clare brown said...

wow these are amazing!!

kath said...

wow karen they look far too beautiful to eat....more like put them in a frame and woohoo what a lovely surprise...it was fabulous to see my favourite rock chick again...she is a real sweetie...hugs kath xxx