DT shout & lets get this pary started

Want to put on some lippy and challenge your inner Sass, turn up the volume on the ipod and load all your  Beyoncé tracks ready to shake that bootie and sing along.( remember to close the curtains if you have neighbours)
 How long is it since you had a girly night out with your girlfriends, let your hair down, enjoyed the wit and wisdom of your friends, flirted a bit and danced until you feet ached in heals that you are far too old to be seen in, drank sweetly sick cocktails which are sure to be loaded with as much alcohol as sugar?

 Oh those were the days..................I am making that happen with a trip to see Bridesmaids!
Who wants to join me?

But this weekend we will have to make do with a super sassy girls only BLOG HOP starting on Saturday.
Join Maria and her Sassy Girls as they take you around the dance floor of blog land and show you their moves HAHAHA, no handbags in the middle girls that is so not done anymore.

Remember that Maria also has a DT call out for the Simply Sassy blog HERE

enjoy your weekend


Cathy said...

I've bagsied my spot on the dance floor!!!!
Cathy xx

Casper said...

Hee hee,

Those were the days eh?

Hand bags in the middle of the floor, blue cocktails, high heels and boys with rolled up sleeves (who thought they were Crocket or Stubbs)

Miami VICE more like SCOTTISH all SPICE aaarrrggghhh! hee hee

Note in diary for hop!

That film bridesmaids looks really funny BUT should you be going to watch IT?

Really? You be freaked out enough just now hee hee!

Hope all plans are going well!

Take care
Big Hugs

Shazza said...

oh what I wouldn't give for a girly night out!!! I'll have to make do with Zumba tonight and then taking boys to Glasgow tomorrow...oh joy! Have to try and do the hop beforehand of course, priorities and all that! Enjoy your night out x

Paula said...

Looking forward to the hopping in the morning - have a good weekend.
Paula (PEP)

Pam said...

I'll join you - when are we going?!?! :oD

Pam said...
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sue said...

hi karen
just hopped back from the blog hop,
such gorgous cards by the dt,love all the new sassy's. sue xx