Mollie Makes

Its not often that I buy a magazine these days, but while in Asda I picked up Mollie Makes.
One of the new style of home magazines that has a tag line of
Living & Loving Handmade
Making, Collecting and Thrifty Finds

Well if that is not me to a T. I love shabby chic, revamping old finds and have collection of all sort that drive my family crazy. SO with a cuppa at the ready I sat down to have a good read and I loved it, pretty pictures and loads of idea, granted I don't sew but that does not stop me drooling over projects.

I am loving felt makes and have introduced a few to our store along with a range of in house designs.
 Button ribbons and charms galore, there is no end to my magpie tendencies.

As a young girl my great aunts taught me how to crochet and these "stinking cute" apple cosies just make me want to dig out those old hooks and get going again. The are total adorable and not so practical, but hey who cares, if it inspires you to learn the basics of crochet then that is a good thing as its is a dieing hobby.

Want to join me and make one of these supper cute cosies HERE


Nice bright but not too busy cover with free felt flower ring with my issue.
 Something that can easily be done with your sizzix dies.

Pop over to their site and read all about it Mollie Makes, tell them I sent you,
 they might decide to feature card making as a one of?



Janette said...

Hi Karen, sounds interesting, will have to look....but if I start with the wool obsession again I am in big

Vicki said...

Hi Karen, I too picked up this magazine and it's fabulous, have had ago at the crocheted flowers but yet to try the felt rings. Would definitely buy it again (well worth the money.)

Vicki x

Erika said...

Funny I was just taking about this mag today with our local PO. He mentioned it was a new one he was thinking of getting in. Had to pick up the American mags he got in for me too. Looking good.

Paula said...

Intrigued by those crochet flowers - shall have a look out for this, thanks for pointing it out.
Paula (PEP)