many hands make light work...

Kiki has been in the spotlight over on the Sassy Blog, I just love this image by Krista.
I have a soft spot for all things geeky. Kiki has done many cards for the Sassy blog, all are equally as
beautiful and we are lucky to have so much talent in our DT's

The Sassy girls do an amazing job, I know that some of you visit their blog but please don't miss out, they truly do put a lot of work into bringing you beautiful creations

Remember crafts that Maria has  DT shout out on the Simply Sassy HERE


I have five girls on the Sugar Nellie DT, which are going to be blown away with the new images for our 1st September release. I ain't spilling too many beans for now as there are lots of changes happening and all will be revealed very soon.

I have listened to all of you who comment, especially those PRIVATE comments and emails.
 It is good to get a view of things from the outside looking in
and many of the point you raise I am well aware of.
But with only one pair of hands these things have never been done,
 but soon, very soon there will be another pair of hands to help me out :)

take care for now, enjoy your weekend


Shazza said...

oooh how intriguing Karen!!! Glad you are getting a pair of hands to help

Janette said...

Hi Karen, What a really fab card, that image is just brilliant...
Enjoy the week-end.xx

weewiccababe said...

changes are afoot eh? can't wait to see and hear more and I'm sure I don't need to tell you that you're doing a fantastic job.

Paula said...

You have a very special talent selecting people for the DT as is really evidenced by the variety we enjoy. I'm glad you will have another pair of hands the meantime do take care.
Paula (PEP)

~ Ali Watson ~ said...

As debbi has said you ALWAYS do a fabulous job. you are one of THE best companies out there who actually listen to their customers.

Looking forward to hearing about the changes too and will be eagerly awaiting the next release :D


Ali x

Alex said...

This is a beautiful creation, so glad you spotlighted it.
AND you have me just wondering what is coming!!! Can't wait to see :)