Oh what a mess in 100 words.

Crazy week,Saturday and Sunday, Megan (9) and myself went to the new store to prepare for the opening. Megan had great fun  knocking down the walls with a hammer and brute force, a career in demolitions looks good. 

Monday and Tuesday I went back to Oldmeldrum to put it all back together again with Katie. It was clear by yesterday afternoon that the joiner was not going to get half the work I had planned done, so I started building kitchen base units myself, one for the coffee bar counter and one for the store.

We visited a local village to organize the coffee machine, cups and syrups etc. Taking in two cup cake store's for market research of course. Headed into Aberdeen city centre to what I thought was the ultimate cup cake stop only to be disappointed again. The thing is, I know what I want and I eat enough to know a good cup cake from an OK one, if your going to consume that much sugar it had better be good.

Long story short, I was so sick of cup cakes that the last box was picked at and and thrown to the hens, I did reach for my camera but had left it somewhere, I have no idea what the catch phrase for that photo would have been?

Wednesday I am back home, ready to go with the continual list of jobs,
visit the dump and get rid of all the plasterboard that I snuck into the boot of my car!
stop at the solicitors and sign the lease (even got a parking space right at the door)
visited my local cup cake store to see if they would deliver early on Saturday.......YES
in fact she mentioned that they are going to put a van on the road and do wholesale. Problem solved, by far the best cakes I have tasted this week and I am very happy to have that one sorted out.
Off to see our local demonstrator Erika,for the Saturday opening pow wow. A wee stop and a cup of tea with her and then its back to HQ.
Kate is off to New York tomorrow so a few things to run by before she fly's over the pond. I new rep with new lines, a few office jobs and paper work done.And where did the flowers come from, not every day you customers brings you flowers is it? Those were for Kate :( but there was no point in taking them home to an empty house so she left them at work :) I'll tell folks that they came from her secret admirer and she could not let Andrew know LOL

.........lets skip the rest and show you the BEFORE picture of the new store.

The front door and the coffee bar.

The main store with a door leading to

the class room.
and then there is the "wall" in the class room,
{I am a picker, you know what I mean, spots, wallpaper and loose paint)
There was no point in leaving it as it was, we had not decided if it was getting painted or slat walled,
but either way that loose paint had to come off.
The building is old, listed in fact, and with really thick damp granite walls to the back of the ground floor.
I got a little carried away, not even Tim Holtz could distress this wall and get away with it.

So it all has to be clean and stocked by Friday night.
Fingers crossed that I get there or I will have to pull an all night er just so we can open the doors at 10am.
I might need a few espresso's to keep me going all day.

Saturday and Sunday 10-5
I'll take pictures for the AFTER story and I will let you know how we get on.
If you are local, I hope to see you this weekend.
I am sure we will have teething problems but you can be assured of a warm welcome, a lovely coffee and delicious cup cakes...........oh and there is crafts too.
take care


Fiona said...

hope you have a fantastic day karen and look forward to hearing and seeing all about it.


craftyb said...

Wow, you set yourself a big challenge to get it all done in time Karen! Hope the grand opening went smoothly, I'm looking toward to seeing the after shots and hopefully in the not TOO distant future I will make the journey and see it all in person!!! Bx

arjette said...

Woowww what a mess.... LOL
I'm very curious what you made of it, good luck!!!!

gr. arjette.

Wendy said...

Wowsers Hun you have your work cut out but I am sure it will all come right in the end good luck on open day

Hugs Wendy

Shazza said...