SOS- Teachers Gifts

Good morning, hope you are all well this sunny Sunday morning.
Here in Scotland its the last week of school before they kids stop for summer.
For all those working parents out there, its the start of some epic babysitting schedules.

But with my two school aged children, James 13 and Megan 9, it's time to think of those Thank You Pressies that each summer and sometimes Christmas, I am reminded that I need to make something wonderful in appreciation of the attention my children have been given this past year.

James is now in the academy, so this habit is now broken.

But Megan is finishing her 5th year at our local country school. There are 30+ children in the school with only two classes. I have been a parent at this school since 1995. I still have another couple of years to go.

So what to make the teachers.....

There is of course all the plant related gifts, from a packet of seeds to a full grown pot plant with either a sign or a tag about helping me grow this year.

I am liking the startbucks gift card this year, maybe even a box of cup cakes.
If I was feeling brave I would be wrapping up a good book for an easy summer read.
What do you think the teachers would say to a little "shades of grey"?

what do you have to share with us this Sunday?


Fiona said...

lol...these are fan gifts and beats the choccies or smelly stuff. I have heard all about that book and I know the teachers down here would gtown upon that one...might spice up their lives a bit!


Erika said...

How to give the teachers an education...go for the book I dare you! LOL.

Shazza said...

brilliant ideas, sorry I haven't had time to browse Pinterest this week x

Arabella said...

Wow those are some very cool teacher's gifts! Lol re Shades of Grey! They will either love it or hate it!


Wiccababe said...

I'll take a bet they've all read Mr Grey's books :)