SOS share on Sunday

This week saw me in need of a skip at the shop door to throw all the rubbish into. I hate to throw anything away ( ask my hubby) because if you hold on to it for long enough, you will find a use for it.
The slat wall was delivered on a pallet, not the sort of thing that you can put in the boot of your car and take down to the council recycling compound.

If it was on the farm, James would chop it up for kindling. So what else can you do with old pallets.

This site has lots of great photos of up cycling, a new trendy work for re cycling.

and a few other  re cycling projects from PINTEREST.

this bike is my favourite

I am sure I have enough empty bottles saved to make this, now where have I hidden them?

What are you going to share with everyone this Sunday.

Whatever your doing , I hope you have a great weekend.

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Erika said...

Great ideas I'm going to have even more problems throwing things out! Have fun today, hugs Erika.