Saturday Shenanigans!

Well, sanity has been restored in many Scottish homes this week, as our school's have reopened, the kiddywinkles have resumed their studies and, hopefully, the parents will have a little more time for crafting?

As I get older (much. much older) I realise that my life seems to lurch between 'events' Birthdays, Easter, Summer Holidays and my eldest daughter has already had me trawling Pinterest to start planning her Halloween costume!
(she's seven, suggestions on a postcard please?)

But, time marches on and there is no stopping these things.

 We have been planning the 'biggie' for quite some time now
(those of a delicate disposition, look away now) 


We have some delightful furry and fairy friends, that we can't wait for you all to meet.

 We start our Christmas launches on August 31st! 

Be there, or 'bah humbug!' lol

Now, if you can't wait to get started with Christmas cards take a look at our Christmas Shop where you will find some of my own personal favourite Sugar Nellies from Christmas' gone by!

Perhaps you could share your creations in The Sugar Bowl and Facebook challenges? You know we'd love to see them.

 Enjoy your weekend!


Gayle x

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Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wheeeeee excixted now furry and fairy sounds fab, bring 'em on x