SOS - Such good taste!

I do love beautiful things, pretty things and hard to get your hands on because the order books are closed on the web site is in Russian and I cant read it, kind of things. My love of Pinterest goes back to the good old days, where there were just pretty picture shared on one very fast growing site. There was none of the dark side visible in those days. Th
e good is still there, over shadowed by the bad. But I visit every day and still find new beautiful things. I have shared many of these things with you but today its something new. I have discovered the world of beautifully dressed cotton dolls. Something like tilda dolls but taken that step further. T Conne or to use her full name Titana Conne is Russian I think, the language is beyond me and even translator struggles with this one. Just look at these... visit her on FB and check out her pictures, mostly rabbits, sheep and horses but if you go back far enough you will find her dolls.

blogger is being difficult today so I will say cherrio and let you search out T Conne on pinterest.

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bwgayoso said...

These dolls are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing her information.