SOS A pinterest wedding

Good morning everyone, I am a bit washed out this morning, a busy week topped off by teaching on Saturday and a quick turn around and out in the evening to join Kate at her daughters wedding.

The bride was beautiful. The groom wore the kilt well. It was a beautiful day.

Mother of the bride was stunning and all her hard work was admired befor being demolished!
Kate took the decoration of the venue to a different level. The pinterest level. Yes all those amazing photos that all brides to be. ponder over, novel ideas to make that day a little more special. Kate pulled them all out the hat and did them better than most of those pinned ideas.

I don't really know where to start....

Take 1000 different sized jars, stamp them, wrap them in lace, doilies, twine, ribbon and lace. Scatter them on every surface , every window sill, door step, table or alcove and switch on the tea light.

Take several thousand white paper doilies and make into bunting  and hang from the ceiling with the help of scaffolding!

Giant tissue pom poms, huge clusters of the bigger pom poms you ever did see, hung high above the dance floor..

There were several other themed areas but lets cut to the chase.....

Two round tables

One for the cake

Ones for the sweeties

No one, NO ONE ever did a candy table like this.

Amy Atlas move over Kate Mellis owned it!

The wedding cake consisted of a cup cake tower, topped with one small cake with a hand made fimo cake topper made by one of our local talents Elaine Rose. Attention to detail and an inside to the happy couple allowed  Elaine to design a topper so personal to Mr & Mrs Reese that everyone noticed that the kilted groom with his surfboard stood proud next to his beautiful bride and their pug!
There were cupcakes, macaroons and tablet all presented beautifully.

The sweetie table. WOW
I think we will have to start hiring her out, this table was like no other. Seriously, Amy Atlas may well head hunt our Kate.

I think it's best that I show you photos.

But not today. I need to check that it's OK with the bride. But as soon as I can I will show you how it should be done, with class.

For now, I have a candy box to work my way through. The adult take on a party bag LOL.

Happy Sunday



Jane said...

Oh wow it sounds amazing.....yes we need some photos!

Shazza said...

wow sounds amazing, cannot wait to see some photos x

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

can't wait for pictures!

angie babe said...

can`t wait to see the photos, its sounds amazing, xx

angie babe said...

wow, the wedding sounds amazing, can`t wait to see the pics xx

Kate said...

Thank you very much Mrs Mac. I just did what the bride wanted and more she is very sure of what she wanted and the more pictures I showed her the more I had to make. The sweet table was down to her I just colected the jars from yourself and left it to her. So maybe she is the new Amy Atlas.x