SOS Christmas is coming...

Hello my lovelies, how has your week been? I often ask my young nephew, what's your good news and your bad news today?

Our good news is that we are almost ready for Christmas, yes there will be new Christmas digi stamps available this month, I am just waiting for the heads up from Gayle. While that's going on its time to prepare the craft shops, stock, workshops and demos all need planning. My Saturdays are full right through to the end of October.  The pop up shop is now closed but will open again in three weeks, just three weeks to motivate my band of merry women into making lots of quality lines for the season. It is a lot of fun, getting to know new crafters, some work in mediums that are new to me but in the end of the day it's all handmade.  We have some line to buy in as we just can't fill such a size of shop with only handmade lines. There is defiantly a Scottish theme shining through, with tweeds and whiskey barrels being made into all sorts of lovely things.

Back at HOS head quarters, we are not only making lots of sample for the store and classes but also lines for No 44 which can be sold as finished gifts.

At home on the farm, the harvest is about to start. My sewing machine is out and I have found my haul of beautiful fabrics that I buy every time I go to the USA, time to use them up! I have the ideas I just thing I will probably end up getting a seamstress to do the sewing as I am a beginner and would never pass my own quality control tests!

This is a little blast from the past!
Six years!
I had better get my celebration hat on and do some planning for some birthday promotions.

Bad news is ......I only have one pair of hands, I had better get on with it and stop blethering on here. LOL

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Shazza said...

I love No.44 karen, so glad it will be back. I will be telling everyone to come and visit you x