SOS-messy crafter...who me?

""What can you expect, I can't be creative and tidy!LOL

While Kate's away the boss will play.......
UFO's are everywhere, yes that's right , un finished objects.
I blame pinterest myself, I have said it before, if I spent the time making instead of looking, I would be out the door with new lines for the pop up shop.

I have been running the Elgin shop for over a week now, all those hours 10 - 5, where between customers I play will new ideas and start many many things. But in that time I have only finished one new line, but I did make two of them!

Here is my masterpiece in all it's poor photographic glory.

I have been waiting for so long for these dies from sizzix to arrive. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them and could not wait to start playing.

 Backed on black felt with the LOVE cut from stiff burlap (no idea where I got this but if you hang on to something long enough you find a use for it) and a flower cut from felt with a bead in the middle. Simply classy, and don't forget quick!

So I still have HOME and NOEL to play with.

I even plugged in the old singer sewing machine, I did have to look up some sewing instructions for this model online, great that singer have the instruction manuals to down load. This singer belonged to my late mother in law, it's date of manufacture was 1952! WOW, it's older than I am and if threaded correctly , works great.

This weeks projects will be sewn, wish me lucky and pop in and help tidy up before Kate gets back will you please. LOL.

Have a peacefull and creative weekend.


Gayle said...

Aw....that'd be a lovely Wedding Anniversary present (*cough* Tuesday) for someone! lol

Shazza said...

I love this Karen, can you tell me where you got the box frame from as I am trying to find some for two projects I need to do?

kmatelsky said...

Karen do you have a part number for the LOVE HOME and NOEL dies

I am trying to locate them in the catalogue and my LSS can't find them either