Hello from Creative Boutique

Hello from Oldmeldrum!

Here goes my first ever blog post...

Today in Creative Boutique ( known to the locals simply as ' the craft shop') I am busy trying to ice cupcakes, make paper bunting and send out emails to let everyone know about our make and take demo here in the shop this Saturday. But top of the list for me is to finish unpacking the boxes from the craft fair last weekend.

We took two tables at Thainstone Christmas craft fair in Inverurie. Apart from the downpour of rain on Saturday all went smoothly. We had some beautiful handmade gifts on our stall that I had never seen before. I especially loved the Russian style rabbits made by Pam in Elgin. The most popular line on our stall proved to be East of India. There are so many cute little bits that would look great in any home or can be gifted to almost anyone. If you are into shabby shic and deep quotes then you will love EOI!

All the stalls were great, anything handmade wins me over. There was a lady selling glass work jewellery and her things were fabulous. I have a very sweet tooth so of course I was over buying at the handmade chocolate stand.There were lots of stands with handmade cards, I am glad that we weren't in on that competition! I think if you manage to be the only one selling your particular craft at a fair then you are onto a winner.

When I am working in the shop I only ever see what materials people are using so it was great to see some finished crafts at the fair. It is also nice to see a good community of crafters out there. Maybe we won't go to Thainstone next year as I would have liked it to have been busier but I'm not saying no to all the other craft fairs out there.

....how did I do?

Until next Wednesday


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christi said...

congrats on your new endeavor!