Saturday Shenanigans!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I'm not here today, I am off having my six weekly appointment at the hairdressers, it's an 80 mile round trip...yes, 80 miles! Most women will understand my little 'pecadillo', good hairdressers are hard to find, and when you find one, you hang onto them, even if it means an 80 mile round trip!

So, here in the UK ,as  in most countries, we commemorate the men and women who died for our countries.

I know that in other countries, you wear different flowers and symbols on this day but, here in the UK, we wear red poppies.

This year, our good friend Erika decided to crochet some and sell them, with all funds going straight to The British Legion who do such amazing work with our war veterans.

I am fortunate enough to own one of these, and they are even more stunning in reality, and for such a good cause.

They have made me fall in love with crochet, just a little bit more, if that's possible?

The other thing which has me besotted by crochet at the moment, are these little beauties, a tutorial for which, you can find HERE

Aren't they pretty?

I really must learn to crochet, perhaps it can be my crafty 'New Years Resolution'....

What will yours be???

Enjoy your weekend...


Gayle x

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Shazza said...

totally understand your travel to hairdresser, I am still trying to find the perfect one. Loved Erika's poppies and those bows are cute too