SOS - Winners!

As promised here are all the winner from my recent posts....

Woodware stamps set Partridge In a pear tree. - Helen
Woodware stamp set Home for Christmas - Diane W.
A wee mouse from Quernus - Cazz
A broach from Flossy Tea Cake - Sharon Patterson

Leave your addresses here in a comment, I will not publish, and I will send those out to you. Congratulations to you all.

Now how about you share with me this weekend.

Facebook has taken over from blogging, I find a lot of makers selling via FB and a much as I try to remember and "like" them , I missed one and can not find it.Grrrr
Can you help me find her?
So it's knitted rabbits, might even be Julie's Little Cotton Rabbit pattern. But these have cotton dresses and little cardigan. Her order book was closed and I am sure it was a page I recognised, so though I would easy remember. Wrong. It's driving me crazy.

If you know, share with me please.
Any other must have cutie sewn things I need, let me know. I don't need a pointer to Tabby crafts or Rocky Loves Rosey, got those :)
But I still have a few OOAK to buy for pressies.

I mucked up this weekend, got my dates wrong and ended up with 150 cup cakes. That's some amount of cups of tea. And on a Sunday, looks like I will be knocking on doors tomorrow giving everyone local an early Christmas treat. My fault and apologies to Katie who worked hard in the kitchen baking and decoration them.

Lets hope this week my mind stays focused.

Have a great week.


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