SOS craft shopping again!

Hello readers, hope you are warm and cozy on this blustery cold start to November.

As Christmas draws closer, craft fairs are in abundance. A one time only stall with Katie this weekend at Inverurie, answered a few questions to ideas that have been floating about in my head of late. Thanks to all who stopped by to say hello especially those from Morayshire. The weather was awful on Saturday with the rain coming side ways as we left at 5pm.

Katie will be back on Wednesday to tell you what she thought of her first ever stall at a craft fair. 

But as a seasoned craft fair shopper, I was excited at the prospect of finding clever crafty folks with new and exciting things. I spend most of my pocket money on etsy but it would be so much better to see things in real life and meet the creators. Having had the pop up shop this summer has given me a renewed love and appreciation of finished crafts. 


I would like to introduce you to Conker Lane Bears from Aberdeen. You may remember that I have purchased from them in the past and it was great to see them again.

You would think that with the Panda's at Edinburgh Zoo, that these bundle of fluff would not sitting there for too long. 

But these two here were my favourites, Ami bears. The trend for small bodied animals and children is something I think came from Japan? Correct me if I am wrong. But these two were stinking cute as the American would say.

Now that the fair is past, it's time to thing about other things that are on my work desk. 
Oldmeldrum demo day and stamp camp next Saturday
Elgin demo and stamp camp on the weekend of the 16th.
A little trip back down to Glasgow to the Country Living fair.
Five new fairy stamps to launch. Sssshhhh it's a secret.

Lets hope I get all this done in November and bad weather does not interfere with our plans.

Take care and stay warm.


Juanita said...

I love them too!!!!
Hugs Juanita

Shazza said...

how cute are those bears????
Love them x