SoS - Move over Reece

For the love that is peanut butter, this post is dedicated to Elaine and all PB lovers out there.

At work in the House Of Sugar this week, things sure got a lot sweeter. Kate has fallen into the pinterest world of fudge receipts.!

 Oh my, throw out the scales now.

PB fudge, bring it on."  I can taste test those for you! "

Now, although I was not listening when Kate recited the ingredients, she was sure that there was just too much sweet stuff and left out something, maybe I will pay more attention next time. For this morning I was looking at all the different ways this can be made. 

I am now heading off to the supermarket to buy for few bits and pieces and will give them a try.

But which one to choose?

Or maybe the two ingredients one.

Either way we will be on a sugar high this weekend!

If you have "been there and tried that", what not share your finds, which one was best?

I must also dig out my " something sweet for you to eat" stamp  because if I don't wrap it up and give it away,
I know I will just eat it until its done.

Take care



Squirrel x said...

Oohhhhhh ymmmmmmmmmm! xx

Elaine said...

You temptress!!

Yes, peanut butter is my addiction and we do not allow the stuff over the threshold, in any form it in a jar or disguised as cake, ice cream or fudge!
It disappears like magic, and since there's no-one else that likes PB then I have to wear the 'guilty' badge.
And I just can't leave it alone, like a dog at a bone, I have to keep going back for more and more until there is no more!
Resistance is whispers to me in seductive tones...bugger, I want some PB now!

I shall just drool over your fudgey photos.

Big hugs
Elaine xxx

Shazza said...

oooh sounds fabulous x