A wee minding

"wee minding" is how you would describe a gift given for no particular reason. One use of the word "mind" is to remember something or someone, or to call them to memory.

A "minding", then, can be a keepsake, or something given which may not be particularly valuable in itself, but is an indication that the recipient has been in the giver's thoughts, *or* to bring the giver to the thoughts of the recipient - a memento, maybe is one way to think about it.

With those work I hope that you now understand what a wee minding is. For me this year there a few people on my list...
Neighbours, special customers, friends, work colleges, teachers, bus drivers.....

I am also embracing these wise works.
It's all in the packaging.
It's the thought that counts
You first taste with you eyes.

I am heading in the direction of the supermarkets to buy food goodies, 
The cheap pound shop for tin trays to use as a base.

The cello, ribbon, bakers twin,tissue, tags and stamps I have.

I hope to re create some of the following.

I am not a lover of mince pies myself but one would not hurt me, if I were a pie maker I would do things like apple and cinommon, pear and peacan , still seasonal but tastier than sweet mince meat.

Saving all those jars has been worth it, I knew I would need them!

Gingerbread are amongst my favourite things, Marks and Spencer's have tiny ones. So dam qute, I can eat a box at a time!

Asda sell small individual loafs, add a little extra icing and decorate!

Here is a cheat.... Buy cookies from the supermarket and sandwich together with butter cream. Try shortbread thins with buttercream and lemon curd. Yummy.

Here is another quick cheat.... Melt chocolate in a silicon mould and sprinkle with crushed candy canes. Also try melting toffee's and sprinkle on salted pea nuts. Both work well.

So I don't bake, does not mean I ain't crafty, I can still do it with a little cheat here and there. Better than not doing it at all.

I give you permission to cheat, don't stress out trying to be perfect. It's the thought that counts after all. It's just a wee minding.

Merry Christmas


scrappymo! said...

Some great ideas here!

Shazza said...

fab ideas Karen x

Lisa Topps said...

The kitchen is an alien planet to me. Thanks for sharing those cheats!

BellaDonna said...

Oh these are brilliant. They will most def come in good usr for my Homemade Christmas 2014. Yes you read right.
I like to plan ahead, Loool!