Preparing for a Cracking Christmas!

Good morning everyone!

Over the weekend I did far to much buying and wrapping but I finally think I'm there. With all my Christmas shopping done and dusted I'm turning my attention the things that normally get missed if you aren't organised enough. One year in our house their were a lot of little unhappy faces when we sat down for lunch. We had forgot the crackers!

So today my day will be filled with scoring, measuring and punching! Yes I am making Christmas crackers. I am using the envelope maker by "We R memory keepers" and the hougie board ( both of which we stock in Oldmeldrum and Elgin). I spent last night figuring out the measurements and the one below is what I came up with. Today I'm going to try and make a bigger one and then churn them all out. I am using them for the Christmas table and I have bought small gifts to suit each person inside. They will also act as a name place. I am also going to use them to give as gifts to some special ladies who craft. I think it's nice to give a crafter a crafty gift as they understand the work that's gone into it.

I better get cracking!

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SaraJ said...

That looks really great - might have to try and do something like this next year.