SOS - sew much fun

Hello sugar addicts, I hope your weekend has been stress free.
Christmas is upon us and it can be exactly what you make it.
There is no house as perfectly decorated as in the magazines.
There are so many tasty rich food ideas, but remember its only one meal and is your fridge big enough or the left overs?
Gifts are all too much of nothing important.
I think as I get older, and wiser , I understand not to let this season stress me out trying to be perfect.

This year more than any before, we have trimmed Christmas down. There are no small believers. No one needs anything. The gift I have chosen have been smaller but more thought has been put into them. I have not done it just for the sake of it. If I don't think it's something that will be appreciated, I have not bothered.
I love crafts, I love hand made and have had lots of pleasure looking for special gifts. Many are stranded in USA as Debbie does not come home until after Christmas, but it will be exciting to see her and open her suit case!

I have things coming from all over the world, inc Russia ( just got a dispatch email from etsy) :) happy happy happy

I have recieved a new sewing machine, FREE with the compliments of club card points from Tesco.
Will I be brave enough to get it out the box? Those drawers of fabric are breading. Best grab the bull by the horns and get on with it. That's my goal before the holidays start.

I have  also had great pleasure in sharing the Elf on the Shelf, I had several which I have given away, leaving me with Megan's one. Shame it's 3 years too late. I have not given it to her, because all that an elf stands for would go out our the window within the first half hour. He would be traumatised!
But I look forward to hearing about the other Elfs which have settled into houses that believe.

Take are and enjoy your day of rest.

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