SOS making plans

Hello and a calm and peacefull Sunday to you all. It's crazy to think that work is finished for the year and I need to have a good think and plan out stuff before we go back in January. For now I am happy to have school finished and Katie home. That's my house full for the holidays.

(My dream place to chill, read and enjoy coffee with some yummy cake)

Now it's all about getting the house ready and thinking about the food. With six for Christmas diner , it's no bigger a meal that I would have cooked any night of the week when the children were younger. They eat more but it's the extras that makes Christmas dinner stand out. The table is set, napkins and crackers. Three courses, extra side dishes and a very indulgent sweet.

( traditional dinner always tastes better when some one else cooks)

Once ridiculously stuffed we spend the day in the lounge  ( the good room ) and continue to laze about, play games and eat sweeties. The mountain for wrapping paper will no bout fill the recycling bin in one go but in the past we have almost put the chimney on fire burning it in the house.

I will need to take a trip to town later to see my Mum as Granny has been house bound for the last few years and chooses not to come out even for Christmas. M & S meals for one are on her menu this season, she eats like a wee bird so no point in boxing up the left overs.

What ever your plans, enjoy. 
Take some time out for yourself after all I don't doubt that most of the preparations are left to you! 

I'll catch you again, when it's all over and I might just bring in 2014 @ the House of Sugar with a few new Elf's to help us out. Not the kind that sit on the shelf, but the kind that like to colour.

Have a Merry Christmas



Jane said...

Wishing you a very merry Christmas Karen, enjoy the break x

Shazza said...

sounds blissful! Hope you have a fabulous time karen xx