SOS - online virus

Hello Sugar Addicts how are you all this Sunday.

I can actually say I have has a lazy week with a couple of days sitting at home.
Christmas may be right around the corner but very little decorations or pressies have been put up or wrapped. Maybe dealing with Christmas in my day job, since Easter, takes away from the magic. Maybe if I had some small believers to spoil, it would mean so much more to enjoy Christmas through their eyes.
Lucky you if there are children in your life for they are Christmas.

But the few pressies I have will require extra special wrapping. Over to pinterest I go, now to decide on a theme. I have a slap of air drying clay. I have lots of Kraft wrap and tags, string and ribbon, maybe a little glitter card.

Too much choices, pinterest lulls you into to a false sense of ability, I must be one of the worst believers.
I see it.......great idea
I gather up all sits there, in the corner, still in the bag.
My , must have it now,bag of supplies to do that oh so easy, fun and trendy project I pinned.

There will be a diagnosis soon, it's a virus that is effecting millions!

(No the sewing machine is not threaded up yet but I have cut out some felt shapes)

That's all  my nonsense for today.

Next out for flashes!

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