Monday Musings

Firstly a huge thank you to the DT who held an amazing blog hop on Saturday, so good that the stamps sold out! WOW its a long time since there have been any launch sell outs but those new Simply Sassy stamps are so inkable, you love them almost as much as I do. I am just putting together set 5, set 4 going to the factory today and the list goes on and on.

Sorry I have not been around much this past week but the weather here in Scotland it taking making things difficult. Deliveries are not getting to us, power cuts and Internet connections playing up, and the long term forecast gives us no hope of seeing things change for many weeks. As I have been snowed in at the farm, the car is not so good on the slippy brea, the Internet has been a vital part of Christmas shopping, the amount of UK shopping now being done online is as high as its ever been, helped only by the weather and the reluctance to battle your way into town to only have a bigger battle in the shops to get what you need. Sit back, type it in and wait for the poor postie to bring it right to your door. Way to go!

I appreciate that some of you are basking in sunshine but please don't rub it in! My one holiday in 2010  to NY was spoilt because of the cold and the thought of Florida sunshine might be enough to tip me over the edge LOL

But I have made it to work today, I am the only one in the building as its very cold. The schools are open if you can get your kids there by yourself as there is no school transport running, I dropped mine off on the way to the HOS but may well lock up early to collect them on the way home.
I hope you are safe and cozy at home, doing your shopping online and remember that  international post will take a bit longer than normal if you want sweet rubber under your tree.



Shazza said...

great cards Karen and I enjoyed the hop. Hope you gave in and went home early to a warm house. I am sick of this snow x

Paula said...

Just stay safe Karen. Ice has to be battled here & the birds are in desperate need of food - they don't even wait for you to get back inside & stand on one leg it is so cold.
Lovely samples as always.
Paula (PEP)

weewiccababe said...

I've done about 90% of my shopping online for the last 5 years - I'm not fit to go shopping in town with my gammy hips. And it is oh so much easier.
The blog hop on Saturday was excellent and I'm not in the least bit surprised they sold out

Fiona said...

it's a nightmare this weather...I am not long home from work...took ages and the schools here went back today after being off all week and then they have closed again this afternoon and tomorrow for the time being.
These stamps are amazing...can't wait til they are available.


Julye said...

Keep safe and warm, any chance of giving us a clue before sneak peaks as to what is in sets 4 and 5 please? How long till you get more set 3 in too pretty please as hubby called me from the computer just before I was placing an order and didn't finish it,then it must have been you I spoke to yesturday when I phoned to order them and the snow had made only you there, is something telling me I can't have set 3 I really hope not.

Erika said...

Great new stamps again Karen. Loving them.