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Hello girlie's, well it was a tough one and I am sure none of you would have like to make the choice for me but each and every one of the girls produced {in my opinion} great cards.
But there can only be one winner of the Grand Spellbinder so I have after much chopping and changing narrowed it down to FOUR.

I huge thank you to the other 8 for trying out and giving it a dam good shot, I may be in touch with you to help out from time to time, I always like to include as many of you as I can so you never know whats round the corner. It was a very hard choice to make and you are all worthy, I know that if you keep trying you will all be winners in time.

As I once told Maria, one of the Sweeties over on the Sugar Bowl, everything comes to those who wait.
Maria was sad not to be allowed to enter the comp but she has now been given the job of DT and blog coordinator of our new SIMPLY SASSY blog which will be live in January. I think she's a bit excited LOL.
So Marie needs a DT, so look out for your invitation to join all things Simply Sassy ;)

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My choice for the final four were
 Mindy, Mina, Kathrin and Tracy
Congratulations girls you all amazing and inspirational crafters
 I would be lucky and proud to have any of you on my DT.
But the choice is up to our followers, that's you!

Other news just in......... baby piggies are here! Not 12 hour after moving into her new indoor hutch Bubbles had 4 babies, sadly one DOA, but my kids are delighted with our new additions. We have not touched them yet as I dont want to upset the new mother, the first time is traumatic if I remember right LOL
But with family arriving home this weekend for the holidays, there is no mention of Santa or pressies just
"what will we call them?"
"how many can we keep?"
"I cant wait until Dad comes home and finds his office covered in sawdust
 and guinea pigs in cages squeeking like crazy, hes just going to be so pleased NOT!"

I'm off to find the hoover and start cleaning up the mess.......

take care

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and choose first one winner and then press vote.


weewiccababe said...

congratulations to Mindy, Mina, Kathrin and Tracy - very well deserved ladies and good luck with round 3, may the best girl win

Karen, the baby guinea pigs will be great fun, you could even get away with cancelling xmas now lol any chance of some pics? I have a huge soft spot for guinea pigs, I had 2 when I was growing up.

Mina said...

wow wow wow I cant believe I made the top four thats amazing...good luck Kathrin, Mindy and Tracy you are all so fantastically talented and I would have hated your job to choose from those fantastic finalists Karen...aaaaawwwww to the new additions to your family, I think you should keep them all and give them Christmas names like Holly, Ivy and Tinsel
Mina xxx

Janette said...

So glad they arrived safely, what a fab destraction from Christmas

Kruemel said...

Oh, I just can´t believe it! Thanks so much for picking me as one of the finalists. I feel so honored and just making it to here is like wining this contest. Wishing good luck from the heart to Mindy, Mina and Tracey since each and every one would deserve to win this!

Big hugs,
Kathrin aka Kruemel

Fiona said...

well done ladies....and you all deserve to win.


Shazza said...

huge congrats to the final four and well done Karen on narrowing it down to 4, don't envy you. Congrats on babay piggies too.
Am off to decide how to vote now and look forward to seeing the SS blog next year, well done Marie x

jenny said...

Huge Congrats to Mina, Mindy, Kathrin and Tracy....I love all their cards, stunning work...oh who to choose!!
I really enjoyed being part of the competition and seeing all the cards has me wanting all the Sassy stamps!!
I did treat myself to two more today :) Well it is Christmas!!

Jenny xx

Fiona said...

thought I had left a comment earlier...well done are all winners.


Maria Therese said...

Congrat's girls!!

Linda w said...

Congrats on your new additions, I've bred piggies too...goodness how I miss the adorable noises they make when they see you and want their goodies lol. The babies are wonderful aren't they, perfect miniature's of parents and running about straight off. love them. Sorry for rambling down memory lane there lol. Off to vote now. hugs lin

Casper said...

Hiya Karen,

Oh congrats on the wee piggies, are you going to name them?

Congrats to the 4 clever girlies that have made the final - good luck to you all.

Big hugs to the other ladies that didn't make it this time!

Everyone have a great Christmas!

Take care
Big Hugs

Paula said...

Congrats on the new arrivals - sawdust? Mix it wiht a bit of glitter so it sparkels & he might not notice.....
All the best with your explaining. Congrats to the top 4 & I've cast my vote.
Paula (PEP)

ThePurplePlace said...

Congrats to all the finalists! GOOD LUCK for making it this far!

That's a HUGE win in itself and I wish you all the BEST!!


Autumn said...

Caongratulations Ladies! Can't wait to see who makes it!

xGemmax said...

Woohoo!! Congrats to the final 4 ladies, you all deserve it :o)

Cant wait to see the new Simply Sassy blog and Congrats on your baby guinea pigs :o)

hugs and xxx

Antonia said...

Congratulations to the 4 very worthy finalists, it must have been a very hard decision Karen.
I have voted for my favorite but any of the four deserve the prize

Cheribella said...

Boy was it difficult to vote between these ladies...all with such wonderful talent.
Thanks for letting us have a vote!
Congrats on your new little piggies-I hope to see pics of them soon.

Lau W said...

Congrats girls !!!

Julye said...

Huge congrats ladies and whoever wins the grandcaliber I'm sure you'll enjoy it and will show us all some fab creations.

THERESA said...

Hi there,
Congrats on the piggies, so cute !!
When will you announce the winner, am real excited myself to see who it