Monday Musings

Well the day is almost over and here I am just getting the post done. We missed the "something for the weekend" from Mark but the competition took priority.

Congratulations to those going on to round two, I look forward to seeing what your style is.

All new rubber for the rest of the year is at the factory and I hope to get those out to the DT  by the end of next week.
The new year will bring a few changes amongst the DT, a new DT and some goodbyes and few hello's. Things are for ever changing and I am delighted to see new blood join and watch members move on wards and up wards even if I am sad to loose them.
I could not do what I do without the talented team here at Sugar Nellie, I can not say enough how much I appreciate their work and loyalty to our little family.

My job for many years now, every since I started teaching card making over 8 years ago, is to build confidence and encourage crafters to take the next step. I don't always get it right, but I NEVER put anyone down.

Finally to the lady who emailed today, if by not choosing you  in the competition I have made you feel bad at all, I apologise, I can not choose everyone and by not choosing who you think is good does not mean I am wrong. If we all liked the same things life would be boring. The email I received was unexpected and left me feeling sad, blame me if it make you feel better, sorry you did not leave me with your name, but in the end you know that it is only my opinion and who am I anyway? No one that's opinion is that important to you that it should upset you that much. DO not give up, never give up but remember that everyone has an opinion and it may not be the same as yours.

take care



Patty said...

I was the ding-dong that did the wrong image for the 1st round. LOL!
I have always loved Sugar Nellies and looked forward to your blog. I don't understand anyone being upset because they weren't picked. Disappointed yes, but not upset. Most of us know that when you try out for a DT you might not be what someone is looking for. It is not an insult, just the way the process works. I would hope everyone would appreciate it for what it is and enjoy having tried. Thank you for letting me try and posting my card (even with the wrong image!) In fairness if someone is that unhappy and feel they are justified in their opinion they should sign the e-mail. Otherwise it should not be considered. That is my opinion. You have done a great job choosing and I wish the best of luck to each of the finalist. I will try again at a later date and in the meantime play in the challenges. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Shazza said...

oh dear, that's not so good x

ourmoi said...

I adore the new sassy stamps, and I too think Fashionista is the best!
Ona lighter note,anyone feeling aggrieved about the choices made in the WOW competition, are not being fair...surely it's important to join in and ENJOY taking part. We're all constantly on a learning curve and should be thankful that there are Blogs like this one. Where's the Christmas Spirit gone?

Thank you for all the competitions and the inspiration you've given.