tick tock tick tock

I was looking for a stamp with a clock on it, I know we have at least two from Leanne but I could not find them, I really need to sort out the files on this computer.

It has been a quiet week, I have not left the house but must make a dash to the pet shop for an indoor hutch today because if you remember the story of the Guinea Pigs back in September...............well nature has obviously done its thing and we have one very fat pig ready to pop, I think the kids are more excited about this than Christmas!
Thank you to all the girls who left a comment on my Monday Musings, I value your support and thank you all for your kind works, I will keep those to myself if I may, its the best way to handle things.

As I have not ventured far this week, I am going to ask Mark to put on his Elf suit and pick a few random candy winners from the last post, that way we don't have to ask for addresses as he has them at Funkykits and we will wait and see who gets a surprise under their tree this week :)

I am just waiting for the final two cards for round 2 and I will narrow it down as much as I can, it's a hard job and one I am glad will be handed to you the readers, for the final vote. I would also like to say how delighted I was to see the contenders all visiting each over and leaving lovely comments, you are all so generous. Everyone is a winner you all did fantastic and I hope that you know that YOU ARE GREAT!

I will be back as soon as I can and the sooner we get the voting started, the quicker the prize can be sent out, I wanted it under one crafters tree this year but the way the post has been and international mail too, I just want it all wrapped up sooner rather than later.

stay warm, take care


weewiccababe said...

I was always told - Its nice, to be nice. another wee gem was "if you can't say anything nice, keep yer gob shut" lol and I try to do that too lol
well I'm not gonna be leaving the house anytime soon - the farmer here is managing to get about in his big 4wd pick-up and in his tractor, doesn't think to ask if I need anything, stuck in the house with 3 kids and a man offshore but hey-ho
stay safe and warm Karen, good luck with the baby guinea pigs - they are so cute when they're born (furry and eyes open).
And I certainly don't envy you the job of whittling the 12 down - all the other girls cards are fantabulous :)

Kim. said...

These are both truly stunning cards. I don't know how you are coping up in Scotland, down here on the East coast of the country ours roads ground to a stand still this morning and we had about 6 inches of snow over night!! Keep warm.
Kim xXx

Julye said...

You need a manger so you can have a guine pig nativity that way it all ties in with christmas too, and santa won't need quite as many pressies either. Have fun and stay warm Julye

Tanya R said...

What sweet visual candy this morning. It has been wonderful seeing what the girls in round 2 have been up to! Good luck with the guinea pigs.

~ Ali ~ said...

Ooooo babies for Crimbo how exciting :D Gorgeous cards from the sweet sugar DT. I've loved seeing all the round 2 creations. Eh just a thought are the sweeties allowed to vote or is it just everyone else?

Stay warm up north!


Ali x

Shazza said...

such beautiful cards Karen. Hope you got your hutch and that you are surviving the snow fest!!
Look forward to seeing the final cards x

Fiona said...

lol...Debbi is so right...it's nice to be nice!! All the cards are great and it will be a hard job...but it's exciting..isn't it?? Good Luck to us all!!


Paula said...

All the best with your little extra arrivals. I too noticed how lovely it was that the contestants were commenting on each other's card - superb. I have to agree with Debz. We've got almost a foot of the white blanket now - feeding the wild birds is the best I can do. Lovely eye candy again Time flies Leanne Ellis I have.
Paula (PEP)
Keep safe & warm

Rufus said...

Wow, what a tough decision you've got! Don't envy you that one! Stay warm.

My name is Wynneth said...

Two fabulous cards, those new Sweet and Sassy's are gorgeous :O) Hope the guinea pig birth day goes well and that you've got little 'pigs running around very soon :O) The snow has finally arrived here in the southwest, we've been watching the rest of the country suffer up til now, but we are white over too !

Stay safe and warm :O)

Casper said...

Hiya Karen/Mark,

Thank you for my Christmas Surprise Candy!

I am so pleased & grateful for such a lovely RUBBER SURPRISE !

Postie got it here for Christmas too!

I really do hope this snow goes away soon but if not I have your lovely candy to keep me busy!

Mark is a good elf in his elf suit that you gave him!

Wishing you all at HOS & FUNKYKITS a Fantastic , RELAXED & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

AND continued success in 2011 !

All the very best for 2011 to you all!

Take care
Big Hugs

America said...

beautifully colored and fab adorable image details.