Day Four: Simply Adorable's: Faith Grace Joy and Verity..............this is Grace.

So here we are 1/1/11, do you have your bucket list?
I am getting to a stage in life where I do need a bucket list to guide me as to where I want to be.
Some times I run around like a Headless Chicken, not a pretty sight! I am always keen to try something new, but am often brought back down to earth by common sense. I can see potential in an empty bucket LOL
 But nothing make's my work more rewarding than a challenge. What challenge will be next for me, I am tempted to avoid putting all my eggs in a craft basket and try something completely new, but there is much comfort in knowing your trade and it is far easier to stick with crafting.

As we all start another year, no one knows what it holds for us and ours.
I wish you all a healthy and happy 2011, because if you have those two things, you will want for nothing.

My family are off ski ing today, its become a tradition which I am happy to repeat on this day every year.
I stay at home, DH takes the children x 2 away up the Lecht early in the morning. There is a wee group who all go, but being the non skier I am left to do my own thing and tomorrow I will take on the junk room in the hope that it may look like a craft space at some point soon.

I hit the sales the other day, well nothing too exciting, just Asda. I had one full trolley of baubles of every colour of the rainbow, 80 boxes in  pink, black, purple, green, cream and brown. I had this great idea for an in store display and the offer of a bargain was just the final thing to convince me that yes I do need them..............all! { Kate will go baublistic when she sees them } I am sure it will all look very pretty :)


angelique (anlou) said...

happy new year sweetie
and to all the other crafters to
i just love this new image
there all so elegant
hugs angelique

Carol said...

Happy New Year to you too Karen!! Now I've changed my mind again, I think this one's gonna be my fave rofl! But I need to must have all of them as soon as they are released, can't wait for Funky kits to open their doors again! Enjoy your "me" time whilst the family is away Hun! Lotsa luv xxxx

Janette said...

All the very best for the new year, fingers crossed it will be good to us all.
Love these images, I know I keep saying this, but wow, they are sooooo

xxxtglxxx said...

I was so hoping one of these wasnt going to be called Grace! :D Thats one of my middle names, so I will have to have it now! lol.
Beautiful and stunning Karen. I would like to wish everyone a happy new year too - you are right, we dont know whats in store, but thats what makes life worth getting up for eh? :)

and yeah, get stuck into that junk room - a great way to start the new year feeling organised, motivated and free.



Shazza said...

Happy New Year Karen! Grace is beautiful, as is the name. Enjoy your day of peace and lol at the thought of Kate seeing all those baubles :0)

Tanya R said...

Happy New Year! Love the new images. Wishing health and happiness to everyone.

Paula said...

I too found a bargain - turkey joints! I took all I could carry home for the freezer. Enjoy your day sorting the junk room. word for my vocabulary list. Grace is quite delightful.
Hope you have a good 2011 - you're right health is so precious & we never know what lies round the corner, but often it is what makes us people of character.
Much love
Paula (PEP)

Gina L said...

Best of luck with your "junk room". I am trying to revamp mine into a real craft space this weekend. As for the bucket list, I never thought much about it until my husband died in September of 2009. He was young - just 38 - and it was unexpected. Now, I've made it a point to do things I always thought of doing but put off. So far, I've booked a trip to northern Germany, gone up in a hot air balloon (twice), and done some other little things. One of my goals for 2011 is to go sky diving in honor of what would have been Rick's 40th birthday. I'm terrified, but darnit, I'm going to do it! Happy New Year!

Macpurp said...

what are you & Kate going to do with all those baubles???
I love this wee stamp the best!

Happy New Year,
all the best in 2011 to all at Sugar Nellie xx
Love Teen xx

Thistleblue said...

A very Happy New Year to you too!Instead of a bucket list i am in the process of creating a forty fab things to do before i'm 40! and I'm looking forward to ticking them all off...
Enjoy your day and all the very best for 2011!

Linda w said...

Goodness, how adorable is she. hugs lin

Tiets said...

happy new year to everyone ! I love those new images!
Hugs Tiets xx

Marion said...

Happy New Year to you as well. I think Grace is the sweetest of them all. Thanks for sharing them with us.

joanne said...

Happy New Year everyone, its cold and clear here, I know Spring and Summer isn't tooooo far away...
I love Grace, she is incredible. Can't wait to get her.

Erika said...

Happy New Year Karen enjoy the peace whilst the gang are off skiing. Look forwards to catching up soon.

Cecilia said...

Happy New Year. I really love this release. I'm expecting the reopening of the store...

Julye said...

Grace is sweet and happy new year to you and yours too. Hope the junk room soon takes shape and please will you post piccies of how the bauble display turns out as I don't think I'll get to the shop for a look, it's a bit far just to pop round to see.

kaos said...

And another sweetheart - they are all so gorgeous!
Cannot decide which is my favourite!


tilly said...

Stunning new stamps, can you not open early lol ??? can't wait for these 4 cuties!
Tilly x

Pam said...

He he he, Kate going baublistic - love it!!! We'll work on our bucket lists during our Tuesday evening pub-therapy sessions ... must remember to get a bag of marshmallows and some skewers!!