Sunday Spotlight

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

We all love a challenge for many reasons, first it take away endless minuets thinking and deciding what your going to do. Save time and follow the sketch, may be it is a colour combinations which might be something you struggle with, they challenge you to do something that fits the brief, it may be out with your comfort zone but that's a challenge in itself. There is the added bonus that there is every chance you can win as the choice is random and not judged. A little prize now and then is very much appreciated, not that anyone needs more its just nice to win, therefor the prize is usually not of great value but its the taking part that counts, right.?

Which challenge?, well if your in it to win it, you go for those unknown challenges that have very few entries, the odds are then in your favour. Or you could go for one which is based on a brand , there are plenty of those.

 But there are many which are not part of any business, just a group of crafters that have put together something for the love of it and gathered up sponsors who donate prizes in exchange for a little publicity.

Let me count the ways.....................there are 100's of challenge blogs, all over the world, and as I said earlier, my trip to Russian blogs opened my eyes as to how there are trends in different parts of the world.
Which challenge to enter, that's a choice that only you can make.
We have our own challenge blog as you already know, but occasionally we will sponsor something that compliments our brand and in 2011 I hope to strengthen our ties to other products in the craft world.

We have taken a sponsorship spot over on Fridays  Stamp Something and I look forward to seeing your sweet cards being entered in their challenges. :)


Kezzy said...

Just been over to the stamp something, its great. The challenge at the moment has over two hundered enteries, think I will struggle leaving a comment on all of them lol. I have put the date in my crafty diary so I can take the challenge. I have only just started up with the blogging and challenges and for me just being able to create and add the challenge to my blog for others to see and for me to see others interpetation is enough. I certainly don't look out for if its got sweet candy for doing it. Kezzy

weewiccababe said...

lovely cards from Donalda, hope she is feeling better
I have been known to enter over at Stamp Something now and again, but I'll definitely try to do it more regularly.

Paula said...

I agree with Kezzy - it's the companionship & the friends that you make along the way that count. It's a way of stretching yourself & if you're housebound a way of crafting & growing amongst others. The rewards are many aside from the prizes - being part of a community & encouraging one another. Your comments here Karen will often make me think & give me another perspective - thought we're at different ends of the country. Thank you for making us think & being an enocourager too.
Paula (PEP)

alina said...

I've stopped by just to say that the new digital stamps are really perfect, I love them!
hugs, Alina

Mina said...

these are gorgeous and I have just printed mine out to colour up, they really are perfect little girls and this one is so like my Daughter at that age...I must admit I hardly ever look at the prize when Im entering challenge unless its something that really catches my eye like a good stamp company or shop...I love the stamp something challenge and often join in
Mina xxx