Monday Musings & DTg

A stunning set from Juls

and its easy to see that Fi loves these stamps too.

Gemma has made a beautiful card using FAITH in rubber
I hope you feel better soon Gemma, and stay off the haggis!

and also the love of Leanne Ellis designs shines in this card also by Gemma.

Our DTg are doing a first class job of making inspiring projects, I am really pleased at all the work they have done. Please visit them for more detailed pictures and information, i am sure they would love to have you come see them on their own blogs, maybe take the time to leave them with a sweet comment as they are all new to this DT game and are a little bit excited as they should be. :)

Candy time, sorry girls I don't know how to get the random thing to show here, as much as our dear Donalda tries to teaching me long distance how to do things by email, I just cant get the hang of somethings LOL

But the number pull up were 32 & 87
congratulations girls if you are our winner email Mark with your address and he will send you something sweet in the post. Please claim within 7 days.

I will be bringing you some ideas from our DT later in the week but tomorrow the SIMPLY SASSY DT have their first blog hop, they girls have worked really hard to put together a hop for your enjoyment and I do hope you will support them in taking time out of your busy day to pay them a visit, I know there is lots of sassy candy to be had so don't miss out.

Any news from me................yesterday I did not get to my crop but spent the afternoon colouring in new stamps for display at Glasgow, I enjoyed my hours with copics and its very therapeutic to just sit and colour.

Today I am in HOS, and I have sent a lot of plates to the factory, more than I usually do in one go, so you know there is a shed load of rubber to arrive in the next 2 weeks, which ones we will keep for Glasgow and which ones can go over to Funkykits I have not worked out. I will have a pow wow with Mark later on and see which ones he thinks should be online first.
Mangas.* Country Cousins.* Mary Hall
22 news stamps to arrive some time soon :)
which will be your favourites?

time to put the kettle on, anyone got cake?


Maria Therese said...

I have Cake!! Just come on over and we can chat about what sweet sassy stamps I need in the future :) Yaaaaaaaaaaay for blog hop tomorrow.. Mark must be ready to ship these stamps of as they are sure to be favourites at many crafters!!

weewiccababe said...

you certainly made some great choices for your DTg - they're producing some fabulous creations

and I just happen to have some banana cake, haven't had it for years, yummy

Erika said...

I did have cake for you!!
Sorry you missed yesterday but glad you got in some crafting.
Great cards, I especially love the necklace.
New stamps, can't wait to see. :)

Beverley said...

So exited to see I won some Candy, what a lovely surprise.

Great cards from your DTg too

Bev x

Gina L said...

Cake? Did you say "cake"? I want some!!! Anyway, fabulous work from the gDT. Beautiful stuff! Can't wait to see what the new items will be.

Tanya R said...

Oh, newness, I can't wait. Congrats to the winners, and may I say the eye candy this morning by your DTg's was just what I needed on this -38 Celcius Winter Morning.

Annelies said...

Seems I'm a lucky girl today :) I've send an e-mail with my address. Hugs, Annelies

Marion said...

The DTg have pruduced outstanding works of art.
Congrats to the winners of the candy.
Looking forward to the hop tomorrow.

Shazza said...

we missed you yesterday, I love sitting colouring, it is very relaxing.
Lovely DT work, will try to vosot them later and leave some love.

Paula said...

Lovely seeing the new DTgs getting stuck in. Great you had some time for colouring yourself & you sound less stressed than in the last post. Looking forward to the new releases but...... oh the budget..... Cake? I do a mean flapjack according to my husband & the local secondhand bookshop owner - they each have rations!
Looking forward to the hop in the morning.
Paula (PEP)

Shirley N said...

Gorgeous cards by the DT!

Casper said...

OH Oh Karen


Oh Oh me excited now!

How are you, not been around much.
Poor hubby rushed away in an Ambulance with Pneumonia & Swine Flu Had MIL here, he was in hospital for over a week!

Been all go here!

Will see you at SECC Then - This time with rubber oh yiiippppeeee!

Take care
Big Hugs

Leanne Ellis said...

All absolutely beautiful!! :) xx