STOP thieves!

I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to email about "copy cat" images. It is something that we have to deal with more often than we would like. The market is so saturated its hard to come up with something original, I understand that , often things are close without any bad intention, but its another thing to take a stamp desing and re draw or just copy it and claim it as your own, we once had a UK digi site where the woman just re drew our stamps, badly, and sold them on. This does not only happen to us but many of the other stamp companies, we try to protect the a hard work of our artist buts its so hard when someone breaks the rules and totally ignores you.

Sadly its mostly found on digi sites beacuse they have very little costs, some people are not beyond buying one image and then re selling it many times over, as there is no hope for these people, I can only hope that crafters are smart enough to see them for what they are, thieves, and stay well away from them as it would reflect badly on an honest crafter to be seen to use STOLEN/COPIED images.

I have in the past named and shamed those who do things on ebay, not only selling stamped images but CD roms of stamped images, this is so wrong and deserved a good slap.

WARNING: If you did not draw it, do not claim it as your own and try to make money out of someone else's work.

ALL stamp companies have policies, please read them carefully.

on a lighter note.............

Its true, they are kicking me out of the house of sugar, I am to strap my desk to my back, put my computer in my pocket and clear out of the office I visit on occasion. As I work more from home these days and with the weather causing lots of problems especially regarding keeping warm, we have had a chat  about it and I am clearing space so that classes can move back from the shop floor to the "class room".

Its much easier to keep a room warm and cosy for classes than trying to get the heat to stay in the shop and not fly out the door. We are also on the look out for a new local tutor/Demonstrator/shop DT super crafter to fill demand for classes and to make wonderful sample for the store. If you  are local and have nothing else to do on a weekend LOL drop me a line with a link to your blog to see your work or pop into the shop and see Kate.

The winter weather is having an effect on lots of things, today I received a card posted on the 15th Dec and its only just arrived, this card only traveled a few miles. I am hearing a lot of stories about international mail still stuck in the back log that was caused  not only by closures over the holidays but because of the transport grinding to a stop all over the UK, no trains, no planes and so many roads were closed for days!

Today, Saturday I am playing "farmers wife" and stuck in the kitchen making soup and other warm and filling foods for a group of all male shooters who drink far more than they eat. Once I feed them all I will make my escape because the quality of conversation is far too much for me to take even if its only once a year!

I hope your weekend hold something more exciting than mine. Take care and stay warm.



Paula said...

I got very hot under the collar when I saw people photgraphing card samples at the NEC! Well said.
Hope your ears recover.
Take care.
Paula (PEP)

Lynne said...

I had no idea this was such a big problem until a few weeks ago. I would like to think that most genuine crafters are passionate enough about our talented artists and companies to fully support them by discouraging this activity by not buying and naming and shaming and reporting these thieves. I have found on blogland that all the genuine companies/artists are so generous and so proud of their work that they happy share freebies such as digi stamps/papers, give tons of candy away and sell their works of art for very reasonable prices....why should these kind hearted people be cheated out of what they deserve!!

Lynne x

Shazza said...

lol Karen, at them "kicking you out". I'm sure you'll not miss the travel to and from work in all this snow.
I received a parcel today that was dispatched 8th December!!
Have a good weekend x

Casper said...

Hiya Karen,

Happy New year to you ALL !

My mouth just dropped open there!

I thought for a minute you were closing - I nearly cried !

Panic over - the weather is causing mayhem.

But will it not be easier to work from home for you?

Or do you find that Home generates so many distractions?

Wish I lived closer, I would have helped you out with a shop DT.
Now if I owned a Helicopter?

Santa - you forgot my "Helicopter" it was on the list I gave you ha ha

Naughty people & copying just so unfair - the prices for Rubber stamps & Digis are so reasonable -
Why steal anothers hard work?

Never understand it !

A stamp £6.00 = One carry out meal
A digi £2.00 = A bag of sweets

Not expensive really when put in to context & these stamps/digis have a very long shelf life & can be used over & over -

Real value from money - I would say

The generousity of yourselves & other companies make it possible to continue crafting - YOU CAN NOT POSSIBLY be making Thousands out of what you do - you do it as a hobby & the revenue you do get in keeps you afloat - just.

You All work so hard for such little return, then people take what is not their's.

It is unfair & does anger you, but the amount of crafters out there looking out for you all is a credit to all that is right & good in Blogland !

Before I joined Blogland I was very protective of my designs,as someone had used one of them.
But I managed to let go - it was stopping & hindering my creating because some people just want & take!

We all have to work together & look out for each other & remember to not let them destroy what has been built up through- A love of craft - freindship -Generosity - sharing & trust.

Take care
Big Hugs

Mags said...

You are so right about these thieves. It's good that the word is spreading and that crafters are being warned to be careful - what you said about honest crafters getting a bad reputation by using stolen images is so true.

Stay warm!

luv, Mags x

Ms. Jen said...

Well said Lynne! On the other side of it. I do have to say that if you're not familiar with the artist, as I'm always on the lookout for new talent, it can be hard as a shopper to know if your image is genuine. I'd been looking at some images from a very well known artist recently and found out that she was stealing some of her images! I was shocked and won't buy from her but until then I did not know this. I thought she was genuine. I wish there was a site we could go to that listed websites that had stolen artwork. I know 99% are legitimate, but there's always that one..........Same thing goes for handmade cards and layouts although it's much harder to do anything about those. Well wishes for a happy and prosperous year. I just purchased my first Sugar Nellie and am excited to color her up!

Kim. said...

I really think there should more the sellers and the artist can do about this problem, I know it mainly overseas blogs that are doing it but there should be ways to make these people pay back what they have earned or pay for what they have given away for free. It is so wrong. Good luck with getting it stopped.
Kim xXx