Something for the weekend

I hope you can see this "cool" cards from the very talented Kathrin, I have been having problems with pictures. I have learnt recently that I can just copy and paste them rather than saving the file and then hunting thought 1000's to find it to load it on to blogger,
 but there have been others time when even loading the file does not work.
Oh the challenges of high technology!

Pop over to the Simply Sassy blog and see this and other great cards,the girls are planning a hop with the next release but postal services overseas has been really slow since the start of December and its still not running as it should be. This is the hold up, the good old post office, Mark is sitting with set #4 ready to go but we will wait until the hop, patience is not something I have much off.

Mark has a day off,so there are no offer today, there would have been the launch of Simply Sassy set #4 but I just explained that. He has also been waiting for a delivery of some UK made dies to tempt you into making your cards in different shapes, those may be with us next weekend, fingers crossed.

ATTENTION Scottish Crafters, its official, we will  be at SECC in Glasgow this March.
I said I would never do a show again, but all the lovely words of encouragement and offers of help have swung my opinion around. Thank you all for your kind words, emails and Facebook chat. I have myself some students lined up to man the stand to take the pressure off and some "celebrity" helpers coming and going as four days is a long long time to stand and talk about Sugar Nellie.
I still have to put a rubber order into the factory but today ventured to the pound shop to look for stacking baskets of which I need many. no joy today but they are due in again soon.
Which stamps to take, oh my, this is where I get a little lost. Then I have to hunt down samples for each stamp. The time is going to fly and with all the other things going on I will be sweating buckets (is that a good weight loss programme?)..............Casper, you easy find me this time.

I would like to come back tomorrow with some candy for followers only so lets see us hit 1500 sweet followers and I will give away some rubber :)


Jane said...

OOOOooo I will definatley be making the trip down to the SECC then!!!!!

Fiona said...

gorgeous card...Kathrin is very clever. I can't wait until it's SECC time....and I can't wait until the sassy's appear!!


clare brown said...

Hi Karen, congrats on your stand at the SEC might just see you there. I use i photo and once I have cropped and edited my photo I drag it onto my desk top but I have a mac so this info might be no good.

you should do a mr linky thing for your followers to add samples for you. Any you like could then be sent to you.

enjoy your weekend if you can

hugs Clare x

joanne said...

Wow, I would love to come to Scotland and go to your show. How fun...Best of luck I'm sure you will do great!

Antonia said...

Yeh I am going to SECC on the Thursday, see you there or I will if the crowds let me!!!

Juls said...

Fabulous card!!! so great to see stuff for the boys!!!!

I am not going to get to go Glasgow this year! GUTTED!!!! wishing you all the best for your stall though!!! Hugs Juls

Tanya R said...

Good Luck with the show! Although it is far away from me in Canada, I can just imagine the excitement.

Happy Friday,

kath said...

Hi karen...well all that nagging worked...big hugs kath xxx

Linda said...

Ooohh!! I wonder if I can swing it to get a trip to the SECC. Sounds FAB Karen. You`re sure to do well.xx

Macpurp said...

what a cracking card!
have fun at the SECC!!!
love teen xx

Paula said...

Clare Brown's suggestion about a linky for samples sounds great, that would take the pressure off an individual to do them all. I too have a MAC & though it's taking time to learn & switch from a PC I'm particularly inept with technology but find the MAC so so much more flexible -especially with photos. Looking forward to the new Sassies too. Take care of yourself midst the preparations & as Clare said try to enjoy the weekend too.
Paula (PEP)

Rufus said...

Gorgeous card!

Erika said...

Great card, love the colour scheme.