Working from home

I have not cleared out my office at the HOS yet but this week I have been working at home, its hard to be disciplined while in the house as we get a few farm visitor calling in and having a cuppa, deliveries and collections and the phone, its always ringing too. So as I sit on the couch with my old lap top, I can do most things as long as I am warm, the coal fire is on and so is the TV, oh it a hard life right enough. LOL
DH walks in now and then and asks if I am moving at all today, "just to keep the washing machine going" well if I get to the bottom of the washing baskets I will be doing well with that alone.

(I think this card was done for us my Karen Bruce, using one of the older Soft Centres, Porridge the pig)

Today I will most likely work on packaging, watermark images etc. I don't know much about DTP and would struggle with anything new, I can do what I do but not much else. I have it on my list of things to learn along with better photography.

I have sketches for more mangas and Simply Sassy's too, over on Facebook they are all in agreement that the we should release more Simply Adorables, its only been a few days and already you are looking for more LOL

If you want to apply for the Simply Sassy GDT you need to go over to their blog and apply, that's not my department. I am still looking for "new blood" and I have had a good few of you ask, I am still thinking but it looks like I am going to have to have two, would that be greedy?



Gabbi said...

Being a work at home mom I feel your pain Karen. Just get to what you can when you can. Love love your card. Have a great day!

Wiccababe said...

Hey, you're the boss, I think you can have as many new DT's as you want lol
have a great day

Mummylade said...

ouch, the washing... needs to be done here as well =)

Carol said...

WOW, what a hard life working in the comfort of your home and in the warmth in front of the telly lol!! Asking for two more ladies is not greedy at all, here's holding thumbs that I might be one of them rofl!! Don't think I'd be that lucky. Lotsa luv xxxxx

Lorraine said...

no not greedy at all it would be my dream to work for sugar nellie but i think i am a little rubbish compared to your team boohoo!!!

joanne said...

Oh what a cute card....I love that pig, its got a lot of personality.
Lucky you working from home. Well I can wish it all I want but I don't think I am disciplined enough to ever do that.

Shazza said...

not greedy at all Karen, all the more inspiration for us.
Must go check out FB, have missed the chat over there somehow.
Enjoy working from home, I would love it instead of having to go out in this cold x

Paula (PEP) said...

Sounds like you have your hands full Karen, the washing doesn't do itself. It's been very interesting seeing the Adorables being used on blogs where I don't normally see Sugar Nellies. Also they seem to be quite different to colour because of the shading.
Love the new Leanne Ellis too.
Paula (PEP)

Random Acts of Krafting said...

Oh so cute!

Kezzy said...

I have the porridge the pig stamp and love using him. Working from home is hard,and it took me quite some time to get used to it. Yes it has its ups like the I can put washing in or hoover while the kettle is on but I feel the downs is sometimes feeling lonely, not being able to talk or laugh with other adults. My children are now at senior school so I can at last have a reasonable adultish!!! conversation with them when their off. I'm not sure how I would cope if I didn't have a phone or the web to still be able to interact with folks. I am lucky in that I only work 22hrs a week so during the day I get up early, get the kids to school, do a few hrs work with the promise of CRAFT when I'm done, so then the rest of the day is crafty heaviness well until the other half and kids come home and want a piece of me for a couple of hrs lol!!!!then its back to craft.

allex said...

I also work from home and it can be difficult to get organised or in my case ...... motivated enough to put the card; paper; stamps and ink down long enough to get any (paid) work done. In the end I had to do myself a strict timetable - like being back at school but, it worked for me!!!
I think 2 DT's would be great - the more the merrier I say !

Hugs, sandiblu xx