Bargains, I love then and am never happy with one or two, no no no, if its a bargain I need a trolley load LOL
So these spiral bound note books were £1 in Asda a while back and when I found them in the class room today I thought its about time I did something with them. They are about 6" square and slightly limited by the coloured stripe, I did not attempt to cover it up just decorate the front. The JOURNAL stamp is real old, not something that sells in the UK as keeping journals is defiantly a USA tradition, we keep diaries.
I kept this as flat as I could knowing it will be given some heavy usage going in and out of bags so no 3D embellishments this time.
The most expensive thing here was the bling, so if you find something similar in the bargain corner and want to do a little project for a craft table or fundraiser, forget the bling but do try the shrink plastic.
I have always had a fear of shrink plastic after the many disasters we had teaching this years ago. But today I gave it another try and realised that I gave up to early and if you keep the heat on it the charm will un curl and lay down flat again, you just need patience, well I don't have much of that even on a good day!

Sorry my photography is rubbish, I know first rule is light, especially day light but its dark here before I even get home from work, and those little pop up tents..............I think the guinea pigs can have that to camp out in next summer!LOL
No animal pic's today, I had a little giggle at all your comments, those are Mark's cats not mine. Anyone who knows me also knows what I think of my cat!

I hear on the grape vine that the DT are up to something, check back tomorrow and see what going on.
take care


Jane said...

Great bargain...this is lovely!!

Suzi said...

You've altered this beautifully, I'm like you I love a bargain, I bought 6 of them to alter as Xmas pressies for my nieces. I better get started on them. Thanks for the reminder, now where did I put them!!!!
Suzi x

Erika said...

Oh I know what you think of your cat, lol!
Funny thing, great minds think a like, I got a couple of these books, one for me, one as a journal for DS at school....SPOOKY!
Loving those stamps.

Maria Therese said...

Love your notebook!!

Paula said...

Delightful - love the way you co-ordinated the colouring of her with those stripes & those ribbons are gorgeous, again a super co-ordination job espeially with the turquoise spotty sheer &t hat middle stripe. Stunning swirls.
Have a good week Karen,
Paula (PEP)

Julye said...

I bought a pack of 3 well a few packs actually of 3 hard back writing books when they were selling school stuff with this idea in mind, it was even better when I got to the checkout and they had been reduced to £1 per pack, just not got around to making them pretty yet , will post when I do. Don't ypou just love a good bargin.