Tuesday tweetings

Good morning Sugar Addicts, I was wondering if you tweet at all?
How many folks actually use Twitter or are you a facebook person?
There are now so many different ways that you can converse these days its difficult to choose.
For now Sugar Nellie is happy blogging, but I would like a make over here but time is always my enemy and until and extra day in the week is invented I better not take on any more.
Yes I have Face book but it's quite private, I think I blether enough on here about the business side of my day that FB is for close friend and family, I say family as its the only way I can keep tab's on my daughters, its amazing the things they let everyone else know about what's going on in their life's but never their Mother!

I paid a visit over to the Challenge blog to see what you have all been making. It will be fun to see what the new Sweetie's come up with for the challenge, I am forever looking out for crafter who chose to play outside the box, what I mean is that fashion dictates a style and it becomes popular and everyone tries it out, but who are the trend setters in the stamping world?
Who do you have on your favourites that inspires you to get the papers, ink and rubber out? Let me know who your favourite is and I can pay them a visit. We have a few big project coming up and I will be needing all my DT and the Sweeties to help out with the many new stamps but I would also like to introduce a guest now and then to share the work load.
What about our past Sugar Bowl Challenge winner, what did you make with your winnings? I would love to show off your creations, we would hate to think that after winning such great prizes you did not use them. Let me know and we can get together and showcase your work.

It's almost our birthday again ..............3 years old, who in rubber stamp years that's middle aged! LOL
So I had better get my thinking cap on and come up with something in the way of a celebration.
That's enough tweeting and chirpin from me today, have a great day girls and keep inking those stamps.



Julie said...

Oh so true about Facebook. I found out my son was planning a "low key" gathering while we were away!! I'm now blocked from his feed but the world and his wife knows what he's up to even if I don't!! Juliex

Paula said...

No - I don't like Facebook or those big chatting/gossipping public things. I prefer the more intimate crafting forums which feel far safer.
I also like to be more specific in my approach & both PCP & this blog fulfil that need for me.
Paula (PEP)

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of twitter, could never understand it. But facebook I can!

weewiccababe said...

as you know, I'm a bit of a FB addict and I also have a twitter account although I keep forgetting about it and it only gets attention in very short bursts now and again. Wow - 3 already, doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

Thistleblue said...

I use facebook to keep up with friends and family that don't live close by. I also use it to show off some of my cards and challenges for the DT I'm on, so I have an awful lot of crafty friends on there too. I also use twitter, mostly to keep up with stars of show's hubbie and I watch like the cast of Criminal minds or again to follow some crafty people. I was lucky enough to win a voucher for the gorjuss shop using my twitter account a few months ago.
I've also just joined another crafty forum and found some ladies with stunning blogs, it's MPTS, fab name More Paper Than Shoes! Here's the blog addy if you fancy a nosey, http://morepaperthanshoes.blogspot.com/.
OK think I've went on enough now... have a great day!

Elaine said...

Hi Karen,
I don't join in either of them.
Facebook is a definite no-no. The boy thinks I'm spying on him if I go on facebook so I'm barred!
As for Twitter, I do have an account but very rarely Tweet, I use in mainly to see what Gayle and Jude have been doing.
I just don't have enough hours in my day to join in everything, and I much prefer to spend my limited time in blogland.
Love Elaine xx

Craftilicious said...

I like twitter - I keep a twitter and facebook feed on my igoogle page so I can see whats what while ever I'm on line without actually having to be "in" any particular social media application. Twitter I think is a great way to get out messages about new releases etc as its so quick for links.

I have to say it seems to be used more "in London" than anywhere else.

~ Ali ~ said...

I confess to being a Facebook and Tweeter. Facebook to keep up to date with the family. We all chat and play scrabble etc so it works for us. I use Twitter too now and again. Hugs Ali x

Debsg said...

I have Facebook but prefer to keep it personal, like many others. I have Twitter and follow many fellow crafters.

Elaine said...

I know this is terribly late, but I've thinking - dangerous I know!

Who's blog to I love to visit?
I do love Vicky's cards.
Always quite CAS but very beautiful. And she does have a SN fetish going on!
This is her blog address below:


Love Elaine xx