Just a quick note from me, I am in Glasgow and cant post a pic as I don't have my lap top.

I need to clear something up, I am at the SECC but only as a shopper, SUGAR NELLIE do not have a stand, you can find some of our sweet stamps on various stands at the show but I am not working.
I am so sorry that some of you thought SN had a stand and especially to Rachel who spend a lot of the day looking for us. I must also thank her for the sweeties that are keeping me company this evening while I live like a city student and enjoy the high life in Glasgow LOL
I had a lovely day with sugar addicts, the company was great the sandwiches were awful, bring a packed lunch if your heading this way this weekend. I met up with a lot of HOS local customers and expect to see many more on Saturday.
I had a wee chat with Kath and Lorraine on the Fiskars, Dawn was on Imagaination stand and I have spoke to her often on the phone, its a delight to meet people in real life but its also nice to mingle in the crowd and have no one know who you are IYKWIM.
Yes the pressure is on to come back and do a stand but its so much work that until you do it you have no idea how much work it is, I take my hat off to those who do these shows on a regular basis.
If your headed this way, spare a thought and maybe a bar of chocolate to the guy on the LOTV stand who is there by himself and cant even leave the stand to get a coffee or have .............a pee! Maybe best you don't take him any liquids then LOL



Junie said...

I am in Paisley and I will be heading there on Sunday !!! I wish you had a stand there but I always visit the Imagination stand !!!

~ Ali ~ said...

Oh my I didn't realise that poor guy was on his own!!

It was lovely meeting you again Karen. Yes indeed great company....the sweetest.... think Andy deserves a medal poor guy :)

I had lovely sandwiches he he.

Enjoy the rest of your visit :D

Fiona said...

awe Karen...I thought you had a stand too...never mind I'm sure I will find those sweetie stamps!!...hope you had a great day, I'm off tomorrow!!


Paula said...

Good that you can be incognito.......I've been part of providing a bookstall at a conference & the amount of work that goes into something like having a stand at a craft fair must be phenomenal - I know a little about displays & trying to judge how much stock to bring - not easy at all. Sounds as if the LOTV chap needed an assistant.
Have a good day on Sat - looking forward to a little jaunt to the NEC in 10 days or so........
Paula (PEP)

Maria Therese said...

Have so much fun on your trip! I'm having so much fun with my Sassy's that I got last friday, finally got around to coloring a few days ago.. and now I'm on to my my ¤th sassy card in 3 days.. WOWWWWWWW I love coloring them!! Was making a card with Little Light of mine yesterday, and had to make one more right away as I suddenly got the Idea to make a Christmas card with her too..

So if you still need cleaning out your desk and have some of the not released sassy on there I'd be more than willing to help you clean it *smiles*

angelique (anlou) said...

i'm glad you have so much fun
i cant wait to see maybe some pictures?
hugs angelique

weewiccababe said...

aw what a shame - poor laddie
will be arriving Saturday lunchtime - leave some goodies for us to buy Karen lol

My name is Wynneth said...

Sounds like you're having a ball up there playing at being a customer!!! I guess it means you won't be anywhere near the NEC weekend after next then :O( I'll be looking for some sugar up there though, and will make sure I take some choccie with me in case the LOTV guy is on his own again there!!!! Can't wait to get going with my Sasssy's, just need to get my act together and start crafting again after my trip to Florida!!!!

Erika said...

Sounds like you have had a great time. x

Glitter Monkey said...

I noticed that poor man on his own!!

I learned a few years ago to take my own lunch (and seat)!! I had a great day but spent far too much far too soon and left just after 1. Lol Lynn xx

kath said...

lovely to meet up with you and kate...will keep plugging away about the HOS coming to the SECC...he he...big hugs kath xxx