Cats Candy & Challenge card

It's an often mentioned fact in the HOS that, out there in Blog Land there are more cat lovers than crafters!
It's often joked about that the blog needs a picture of rag doll kittens!
So today finds me using Mark's computer at Funkykits and these were on his desktop.
SO how many animal lover are going to leave me a comment, I am surrounded by Mark and Kate who both go gaga over cats and dogs. So prove them wrong , if you would rather cute animal pics on this blog than cards, just let me know I have hens, dogs, guinea pigs, sheep. lambs. cows and calf's, that would be plenty to keep us going  for a while LOL
I could pull out all the stops and show you a pic of Kate's grand puppie, Lady Gaga AKA Lady Crumpet, a tiny wee pug pup.

*shakes head *Give me craft any day!

Here is Juls entry to the bowl, she loves Leanne Ellis and I bet she will be over the moon to see the artwork
I have on my messy desk from Leanne, 12 new stamps designs, 6 beautiful arty designs, her best work yet in my opinion and 6 simpler Alice themed stamps. I have no launch date for these but I just wanted to tease you a little :)

A little candy to come your way Juls, collect at the HOS or email

that's all for Sunday, I have earmarked a day at home next week to update the Gallery, I am not sure when the last time we loaded cards into it but we need a few new departments and loads of new creations loaded later this week.
My class went well on Saturday, the store was dead quiet all morning and then it went manic in the afternoon, It was a half decent day weather wise and maybe folks were taking full advantage of a dry sunny but cold day to do other things. I am already hearing customers saying that they are stocking up as when the winter weather comes they will not get out the house, if it's anything like last year one poor customer was snowed in for weeks!
hope you are warm and cozy with some time to craft this weekend.
take care


angelique (anlou) said...

what an sweet card is that
lovely colors to
i would prefer cards on this blog
i have 3 funny cats of my own, lOL
have a nice day hun
hugs angelique

FionaJ said...

Karen, although a cat lover, I for one get enough of them in this house, they sleep where they want, demand attention on their terms, and leave their hairs lying for me to hoover and sweep up, theya re worse than the kids, although Marks cats are soooooooooooo adorable I for one want cards, cards and more cards, am loving all the new rubber you keep bringing us, and for one am looking forward to new Leanne images, new home grown ones (yes i had a sneeky peek from Kate) and would love more Diana images too, right better move and go get the boys back from Huntly, and hopefully get cracking with more cards this week
hugs to all in the HOS xxxx

Maria Therese said...

Oh I love cats and wish I could have one but husband is very allergic, and he's better at housework I'll keep him over a cat.. But onto what to post on this blog I'll much rather see sweet sugar creations :)

Ans as for winter.. here in Norway it's getting colder by the day.. in the morning the cards are frosted and I've started thinking about Christmas cards and presents.. (it's just 2 months left..time fies!!)

Erika said...

I'll stick with crafting and cake, thanks. LOL

Dragonlady said...

Hi there

Beautiful cat pictures, but I do like the cards too. Well done Juls.

Hugs Ali x

Berni said...

I love cats, and these are just adorable, but I'm happy for this to be a crafting blog!!

Shazza said...

gorgeous though these little rag dolls are, I would rather see cards thanks Karen. I have a ragdoll of my own to look at lol!
Great card

Juls said...

Hi Karen,

Your cats just look too adorable!!!

Thank you so much for choosing my card, that is so kind of you, THANK YOU!!.......and yes I cant wait for those new Leanne Ellis Stamps!!!

Thanks again
Hugs Juls

Mina said...

give me crafting anytime too lol
Mina xxx

Kate said...

Come on Karen just look at their wee faces how cute are they. Lady Crumpet on the other hand is different matter altogether. But hey I could always scare your customers with a picture of Murphy standing at the door. ha ha x

JLJ Designs said...

Can you have cute animals and cards? I love your kitty pictures. The card is really sweet.


Paula said...

Marks little furry creatures are rather lovely but I'd rather have paper, pencils, ink & stamps please. Looking forward to new Leanne Ellis & I love the idea of Alice in Wonderland themed images. well done Juls - rather lovely colours.
Paula (PEP)

kaos said...

while cats & co are quite cute - please do stay with crafting - at least that can be done on our terms instead of theirs *lol*

Viv said...

Cats, dogs, whatever, I'm a sucker for all things cute ! A few cards thrown in is good too! LOL!
Love Juls's card , can't wait to see the new images from Leanne Ellis.

Viv :)

Ageeth Holster said...

Oh I love my two cats and cardmaking ofcourse.
Very sweet card you made.
Hugs Ageeth

Anesha said...

Love the card but must admit love the photos of the adorable cats even more. I am one of those who could look at cute cat photos all day even though I am a craft addict! :) Thanks for the lovely photos.

Linda S. said...

Honestly, I love the animal pics. So I will vote for a mixture of card and blue eyed furry cuties. At least once in awhile, it would be nice for a change of pace.
Linda S. in NE

xxxtglxxx said...

Hi Karen :)

Whilst I am a big dog-lover, like most people I prefer to see pictures of my own pets LOL....... so I am happy to stick with just cards on this blog! :)

Juls card is gorgeous, so thanks for sharing xx


Pam said...

But Karen, you love your cat soooooo much! ;o) Love that card and looking forward to seeing the new stamps. TTFN

Alex said...

You give one of those cute kitties away as candy and I would enter a bazillion times :)

Rebecca said...

Raggies and card what two better things to be on a blog. I own two beautiful Ragdolls and one loves to help distress my cards lol

Elaine said...

Of course I love to look at cards and rubber, but I am a cat lady too. So can we not have both please? I love any cats but Marks cats are gorgeous. He's obviously got excellent taste, but I guess you already knew that.
Feel free to show pictures of cows too, I love cows! Not so keen on sheep, as the only ones I've ever been near to were really stinky!

Love Elaine xx

Gayle said...


G x

Cheribella said...

As much as I love my 3 furbabies...I prefer to see cards here on the blog.

Max said...

The cats are cute but have to confes I'm not a cat lover so cards are my choice every time. So..o..o..weee!

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

Ida said...

Couldn't we have both! - Those were gorgeous cats. I'm a feline lover (we have 6) and am also allergic to them so you know I've got to adore them.
I also love cards, cards & more cards. So I'm going to be greedy and want both.