Some more of the manga cuties and some news :)

Well, you sure do seem to be LOVING the mange cuties don't you!! I shall share a few more with you today but firstly - has anyone else notices the followers link? We are fast approaching 1,000 followers!!! How sweet is that!! I wanna thank all you lovely sugar addicts that have started following since i joined the team. It sure is a loooovely welcome :) Keep your eye on the followers, something sweet might just happen when we get to 1,000 :p

A huuuuuuuuuge reminder for you today too - today is the last day of the sugar nellie January sale so if you want any of the sweeties while they are half price go get them here!!

Today i have Sitting Pretty to show you - what a total sweetheart!! You can grab her here!!

Before i go ..... I wanted to let you all know that the Mary Hall winter collection has finally reached funky kits!! You can go grab them here!!! They are all gorgeous too - and have arrived just as we get our second scattering of snow for the year - perfect timing!!!


☼ Cheryl* said...

Congrats on soooo many followers :)
That manga girl is soooo cute!!

Donalda said...

Oh these new stamps are just breath taking. I can't wait to get my hands on them.

Brocéliane said...

so cute :)

pinky said...

Loving these manga stamps, and congrats on sooooo many followers.


Good evening Zoe, wow this manga is gorgeous just like the others! you are doing a wonderful job with this blog hunny well done. Have a great evening, big hugs Linda x

Sonja Bekker said...

So sweet

Congratulations to you!


Nora said...

Almost 1,000 already?!? Wow, that didn't take very long! *LOL* Congrats!

Love this little manga girl - imagining SO many different ways to use her image...

Sian said...

She is soooo sweet. I really must save some pennies!