How exciting I am so happy for the Royal couple as they patiently or maybe not so patiently wait for their baby to arrive. That last couple of weeks and especially in this heat is real hard on expectant mothers. The anticipation of the birth, meeting the little person and sharing your very proud news with the world. It is a big month for them and any other new parents out there.

There has been a run of sales on BAMBINO, do you think the Royal Prince or Princess will be receiving a handmade baby card with a Sugar Nellie image on it? I am sure the Royal post will be huge as everyone wishes this lovely couple all the best with the immanent arrival.

Potential a King or Queen for Great Britain. Between Will and Kate and Andy and Kim, the GREAT has been put back into GB. We all enjoy a good love story don’t we?

Boy or Girl, Prince or Princess, I realy dont care as long a "it" arrives safe and healthy.
Fingers crossed it any time soon as the media are on overload with this breaking news scoop.

have a great day



Sammy said...

I have just rushed over to buy this adorable stamp! both my cousin and my sister-in-law are expecting baby boys any time now, so it will certainly come in handy!

Shazza said...

gorgeous card, I love this image x

Crea Astrid said...

What sweet. So nice colouring.

Nice weekend.

hugs, Astrid.