SOS - Crochet bug.

Hello my favourite crafters, how has your week been? Its the most beautiful day here in Scotland, this is our summer, long may it last for there is always a long cold winter to look forward to.

There is a lot going on it the world of sugar at the moment, where summer is considered the quietest months of the year, this summer has proved an exception. I am multi tasking at my best.  So here is a run down of things I need to share with you all.

Re stocks of Return to Fairy Glen are now available at FUNKYKITS

Callie had a little problem with her Buy It Now Code, its fixed now and that is one sweet deal. Pink and orange just the right colours to work with this summer. Loads of supplies that I am sure you would never pick up all in one store and never at that price. I wish her much success and give her all my support.

The pop up shop is going well, thank you for all your support. The BUZZ is definitely the Amigurumi work by Rocky Loves Rosie. Making their debut at our opening these crocheted characters have taken over first place in my wooly loves from Little Cotton Rabbits.
The down side is I am broke, I want them all and have made excuses to buy only two, but they are going quicker that they are made. There were two new additions to the window this week.

I have even been inspired to pick up a crochet hook!

Just ordered me some wool, sounds like there are a few favourite wools out there for Amigurumi.
I have ordered drops Paris and style craft wools in yummy colours to play with.

I do have a rep visiting the HOS this week with wools but I think I am going to look at getting Drops, its a great price point and those who use it love it. Any one out there have a different opinion I would love to hear it before I commit to stocking these ranges.

here are a few of my fav FREE patterns for AMI.

If you choose to put your pens away and pull out your needles, let me know how you get along.

What ever you choose to do, have a great week.



Jane said...

Oh wow I just love these sweet little souls,so clever x

Jane said...

These are gorgeous, I can totally understand why you want them all!
Really want to give it a go.....if you can point to some good tutorials that would be great......never picked up a crochet needle in my life!lol

Jane said...

Doh.....just clicked on the links and found them...thanks! X

SaraJ said...

I'm on holiday and have bought both pens (to make a start on Christmas cards) and yarn and hook to play too. Drops yarn is well priced but I find it quite hard on the hands to work with. I think I prefer stylecraft cotton. Also RICO yarns have a great range of colours / options. I love their essential cotton. It has a lovely sheen to it. Good luck. X

Shazza said...

these are gorgeous Karen. I was being taught to crochet yesterday actually, going to practice some more later :-) x

caroline said...

wow great blog hop, stunning cards ladies, thanks so much for link for patterns they are so sweet
caroline x