SOS- Moving on

Good morning sugar addicts, I hope your week has been as enjoyable as mine.

I had a busy week full of lovely visitors, my time in the the pop up shop comes to an end soon  but it has been a lot of fun setting up a new business, buying the stock, putting wacky displays together and getting to work in Forres again. It's been 23 years since I worked in that very same building and some of the people as still around from those days.
I had visitors from Glasgow and Aberdeen shire this week, all very pleased with our pop up shop. Yes it would be great if all villages opened their doors to this idea, allowing an empty shop to come to life even just for a short time.
I will be working there for another two weeks, then we close. This was always the plan but I do feel bad for the people who say " I love your shop, I do hope you stay". But I am needed elsewhere and there just was not enough income to pay someone else to run it.

BUT the landlady loves the idea so much that she is going to re open after a little decoration and continue as a gift shop. SO there is a happy ending for the empty shop after all. The town gets a new store and I am very happy that all has worked out well.

Rocky Loves Rosie, the beautiful Amigurumi crochet characters have all but one , sold out! Rachel now has a list of orders which might make buying one of these exclusive creations hard to get. I still have the crochet bug, the case of wool is getting bigger. Currently buying it up while there is a sale on with the DROPS brand. Paying 90p/1.35 compared to Debbie Bliss at over 5 pounds for 50g makes a huge difference if you make things in bulk. The colours sells the wool to me, just love to pick and mix a few different colours to all work together on a project, not sure what project that is but its all in the planning.  ( I am getting mine from wool wearhouse)

Today its raining and I believe that there is a local group holding their annual BBQ down at  Roseisle Forrest, but if the weather is bad they are re locating to our big shed for shelter. Lucky for them the sheds are empty of animals and power washed clean ready for the grain to be stored at the start of harvest.

I might have to close all the window and doors because if I get just the slightest sniff of a burger I might crumble and follow the trail right into the shed. Not going to be good for my diet, this is the first morning in a week that my weight has not gone down  :(   must have been that wedding dance and hog roast that did it!

Enjoy your weekend ladies, if there any gents read this blog, speak up now!


Astrid said...

Enjoy your weekend too.
Hugs Astrid

Shazza said...

glad it has gone so well, I love those crochet figures. Hopefully can get to Forres in next two weeks and visit x

Shona Hamill said...

Hi Karen, I love the sound of the pop-up shop - where about in Forres is it? I'm in Inverness so it's only a short drive and I'm on holiday next week so would love to make a visit before you close. Shona xx