Gorjuss candy

I received a few thank you emails from those who received gorguss candy in the post, all pre orders where entered into a draw and a random selection of names and addresses all over the world were picked , packed and sent.
Was it you?
Now I know that not all Sugar Nellie customers blog or follow blogs but we sent out a fair few prizes and its good to hear back from the winner. Enjoy the candy, its fat free :)

Still catching up in the House of Sugar, all Funky Kits orders will hopefully be dispatched within the next 24 hrs, all up to date. Then its back to cutting rubber for top ups of sell out lines and wholesale orders.

There must be lots of new nellies arriving all over the world, it will be great to see your creations. Marlene has been busy with Home Grown Boys, pop over and see for yourself why Marlene is on the SN DT, she is amazing.
As it the very talented Tiets, the post just takes longer to get to Netherlands and Tiets does not have her stamps yet. Soon, very soon they will arrive in Holland.
I also received a parcel of DT cards from Tiets today, thank you so much, your work takes pride of place in the store where we show off all your work along side other DT cards and creations.

That's all from me tonight, we will be getting ready to launch single girls soon, these will be going to Funkykits for the next 8 weeks and then maybe they will turn up in your local stamp shop. We just need time to clear the tables and sweep the floor.


Emily said...

I love your stamps and can't wait for the release, I've been kicking myself over and over for not pre-ordering the gorjuss girls...I'm soooo in love. It doesn't help that the people with them rock them out and make me want them more, then I just kick myself again!!!!!

jo said...

Please let them arrive in my local stamp shop - a little wander down the road will then be required.

Alison said...

Now will they be arriving at my local, well nearly local craft shop. They would keep Donald busy! :)

Zarah said...

I have used the Gorjuss Girls quite a bit lately, and I LOOOOVe them!! If you want, you can see the posts in my blog.

They're in most of the later posts, but the biggest amount are in this post and this post.

Rosette said...

I do wish I was one of the lucky ones.. not only that!! Till they arrived to Malta, someone was trying to snatch my Gorjuss girls from me, cause the envelope was wrapped in tranparent tape all around; and it was torn from many places. The envelope also had stamps saying that it arrived in my country in this condition!!! I would have cried cried and cried if my Gorjusses were stolen!! BUT they arrived no matter what!!

V said...

I got candy and I LOOOOOOVE IT! :D I've already used it and posted it on my blog.

I can't wait for the Gorjuss to go single. I didn't have the pennies to purchase the kit and have been waiting anxiously for them to arrive in the shop. :)