Tuesday twittering

Tiets has been busy with her Gorjuss stamps and there is another on her blog. I love the colours, teal is very *hot* again this season and Tiets has put this card together in her wonderful style. A beautiful creation, thank you Tiets.:)

It has caused a bit of a stir in the house of sugar these gorjuss girls, it has become apparent that a lot of stampers sat on the fence when pre orders were available and are now kicking themselves when they see the amazing cards made with these stamps designed by Suzanne Woolcott for Sugar Nellie. There were a few lucky girls who were quick off the mark to snap up the few extra kits that Funkykits had left. Now FK are totally sold out , it is hard to have to wait for the end of the month for the single girls but Katie are packing them ready for FK.

So what about the second set, I think that this set will be AMAZING and once you see the beautiful designs that Suzanne has done there will be no hesitating over that pre order button.
March is going to be a bumper month here at the HOUSE OF SUGAR. I am having a hard time keeping track of all the new stamps due in and the rubber factory are working their way through our orders.

And remember you asked for stamps for older boys................almost there :)



Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Looking forward to all the new releases....I was just looking to order some of the boys that appeared in the home grown section of funky kits but I can't find them today??? Have they sold out?? I would to try some cards with these darling little boys!

Judy xx

weewiccababe said...

oh oh oh, am dancing around here - I will need to hide some cash away in another account ready for all these new things.
I was one of the ones kicking myself for missing the GG pre-order, but I was lucky enough to catch them at the weekend. And you're right, I certainly won't be hesitating over the next pre-order. And now you're teasing us about older boys stamps - omg!!!

craftyb said...

Fab fab fab...all great news! bx

Lim said...


I can't wait for the second release of the Gorjuss girls. I received mine yesterday and I colored like 30 images already. I can't stop!!! I don't want to stop!!. :))
will try to put a card together this afternoon.. :))
Thank you so much for bring us this GORJUSS GIRLS!!! I love them all!!

Shelley said...

Love the layering. If someone had said to me to use 4 or 5 different patterned papers on one card I think they had gone mad, but it works. I really love this card.

Tammi said...

Cute, cute card, love it! And I'm one of the one's that kicked herself, but as soon as I saw them go up again, I grabbed the gorjuss set, thank you for putting a few back up! :) Looking forward to the new releases. ~Hugs

Alison said...

I'm so excited already and I still haven't inked all the first set lol. They are a dream to work with and I'm having the time of my life with them. Looking forward to other releases too but GG are my fav at the moment. Sensational designs, love them!

Sonja said...

It's a great card.
I love all Gorjuss girls, that I have. And will need to have the second edition too :)
You really are a teaser :)

sugarplum said...

Looking forward to all the new things to come especially the stamps for older boys. I also want a couple of the home grown boys as they are so lovely. I would have loved to have pre ordered all the gorguss girls but I'm afraid sometimes the bills have to come first. Still hoping to get at least a coupe once the single stamps are available

Taavjax said...

There was never a shadow of a doubt regarding the gorjuss stamps.I have been barking on about them since you first announced the new design.
They are dream stamps to use.Yes they are hideously cute,but they colour so well!
I'm early awaiting the second release,although set 1 will never set the bottom of my stamp drawers!!

kim-paperbabe said...

Looking forward to your new releases, I am so enjoying these gorjuss girls. They are a dream to colour and creat a warm fun feeling to any project! Gorgeous and stunning! Thank you Kim:D

Bethanne said...

What a beautiful card!

I am loving seeing all the Gorjuss cards and new Leanne Ellis cards too. Just beautiful!

I have been trying to find time to play with my Gorjuss stamps but with 3 little boys and a sick day and a snow day, it's been hard! Hopefully I'll have something up on my blog tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing so many pretties!!!

Kay said...

Yes, one of those fence sitters was me.... never again!!! I'll be hitting the pre-order button next time around for sure.

Donalda said...

Oh I can't wait to see all the new rubba coming out way dear. especially a sneak peak I saw on one of the blogs Oh my loved it!!!!!!!

cats whiskers said...

Not surprised you sold out of these little beauties, they ate just fantastic dear and I cannot wait for the next set, I must say how well they stamp perfect quality as usual. As for the older boys now I cannot wait, will have to sit on my hands so I don't sepnd any money until these and the next Gorjuss collection arrive. Thanks again for bringin us such fabulous stamps dear
Hugs Jacqui x

Anne said...

Uurrrgggh!! That is a quiet little moan from my credit card. I KNEW I needed the first set as soon as I saw them, it was budgeting that caused the delay. I'm so happy to have got a "bonus" set.

Oh dear! Can't wait to see the second set, to see the mystery new designer's work AND Leanne Ellis's new stuff.


Tessa said...

just got my stamps today!!! Yippi!!!!!

Cathy said...

Fabulous card Tiets - love the teal/orange combo. I can't wait for the next lot of Gorguss girls to come out ... until them my Gorguss girls and new Leanne Ellis' are keeping me busy ... I love the new Leanne Ellis ones!
I am also waiting for the Home Grown boys ... got my eye on a couple.
Hope Tracey is recovering well.
Cathy xx

Bethanne said...

Hi Sugar Babes, I have an award for you on my blog!


Thanks for all you do!

Laura O'Donnell said...

I'm kicking myself for not doing the preorder. and march is a long month - wahhh!

Sanna F said...

I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gorjuss gils stamps! I NEED to get them !!!!
Cute card

Zarah said...

I am LOVING my kit - they're all so GORJUSS and versatile! :D

That card is YUMMY by the way! :D