Huge thanks Kim

It sure does lift your spirts when some does something out of the blue unprompted. Kim did just that today in donating to our fundraiser, we are still putting it together but I added the gadget thingy when I set up the web site. I will not spill all the beans but there will be a limited range of stamps available for a limited time this year with a big chunk, if not 100% of sales going to our chosen charity. But today I want to thank Kim for donating because she wanted to, huge hug to you Kim :)

I will be back later with another few peeks of different ranges but first I have to water mark them.


Vicky (Angeldrummer) said...

what a fantastic idea and so wonderful of you to do so x

Cathy said...

I hadn't seen the linky thing on your sidebar until this post. what a fab cause to be supporting, and I have added my donation (While I remember!!).
Good luck with reaching your target, and hopefully you will raise alot more.
Cathy xx

Taavjax said...

Thats a great idea -I'll lump in on Thursday when my Paypal account is in the black again :) Just a suggestion-the widget is a little low down and you have to scroll to find it.I would place it at the top of the blog for folks to be able to spot it easily and hopefully bump up the total

Vicky (Angeldrummer) said...

Just seen the cause and it made me cry as I lost my Mum to this, will sort out a donation and will definately be buying the stamps, put mine down as a reserve please x

sugarnellie said...

Taavjax, I am just aware that some people may not like it, I will bring it up to the top when we are in full fundraising mode and the stamps are released.

Vicky we never loose them, huggs

I never expected anyone to give freely but I am delighted that they have, the choice is there's no matter how much its one step nearer.

Taavjax said...

Don't like it huh ? My sister was diagnosed with it 5 years ago when she was 30..She ended up with her lympnodes removed,a double masectomy and 2 courses of chemo...I don't think she liked it too much either..
It's fine that people might be offended by it,but it's very real and someone who has a sister,mother,auntie,daughter
lost/watched suffer through this can tell you that.
Don't mean to rant :/ it's a delicate topic

sugarnellie said...

A delicate topic it is and people deal with it differently, but as long as our goal is the same, we will get there, maybe not in my lifetime but hopefully in that of my daughters.

hayward69 said...

I've added your fund raising widget to my sidebar to help you out too. My Nan, Auntie, Sister in Law and best friend have all been diagnosed with this aweful disease. My Auntie has secondary cancer and now her husband has been diagnosed with it. Lets hope more research can get done with all the money raised. I will definately buy the stamps to help out.

Jayne xx