Christmas Season 2008

It seams so long ago now but to launch the first Home Grown range back in October 2008 we went to SECC in Glasgow, we met some lovely sugar addicts at the show, including Gayle who went on not only to run the Sugar Bowl Blog but attend CHA in Orlando 2009 with us on our *cough* reserch trip. It was a lot of fun but so much hard work doing a show and I take my hat off to all those business that attend shows all over the UK.

The first Home Grown were Snowmen and Santas, here is as little reminder of why these were so good to colour. But it's no where near Chrismtas so I aint going to say anymore, I am sure it will come around soon enough.

I'd like to see more of you entry the Goldi Oldie post please, dig into your old files and show me some sugar!
I need to give out the prize before we do the new Manga posts;)
Take care


~ Ali ~ said...

I can't believe that is 2 years since SECC my goodness how time flies. Would be good to see you at SECC again :D

craftyb said...

Ohhhh...what a tease!! lol bx