SplitCoast Stampers challenge no3

Soooo ... who wants to win 3 Sugar Nellie stamps of their choice???? I bet you are ALL screaming me me me arent you :p

To try and get things going over on the forum on SplitCoast Stampers we have been have started weekly Sugary Sweet challenges :) Now, the challenges are still going on Sugar Bowl, they will continue to have a bi weekly sketch challenge, things over at SCS are a bit different. The last few challenge has been a bit different to those on all the challenge blogs - lets face it there are TONS of challenge blogs now , we wanna try something a little different!!!

This week on the forum we are challenging you to make a DIAGAONAL DOUBLE POCKET CARD. If you have no idea how to make one, or even what one is dont worry - you can find the tutorial showing you how to make it here :


I hope you all have a ton of fun making it this time and just remember ... have a go and you can be in with a chance of winning 3 stamps of your choice!! Yeyyyyy!!!!!!

These look like soo much fun to make and just think of the uses of the pocket - you can put tags in there, a bookmark or how about something a little different like little packets of sweets, some hot choccy / lemsip sachets for a getwell soon card - some stamped images? Lets see if you can come up with something a little different!!!

The direct link to the challenge thread is here so do go and check it out. I will make a forum thread along the top of the blog for you all too. The challenge will finish on Sunday and i will announce the winner and post a new challenge next Monday 19th. Soooo, go get crafty and you can be in with a chance of winning 3 sweet stamps of your choice!!! See you there :) - I really look forward to seeing your examples!!


Judy's Crafty Moments said...

might just have a go at this one myself!

xxxtglxxx said...

oh wow, the tutorial looks brillian1 :) quite challenging too. Off over to scs forum now