Monday Musings

Good morning sugar addict, here goes another short working week for me as I have to go down south for a family funeral, so I will do as much work as I can today as my kids are running wild on our farm with their father, oh the joys of school holidays for working parents.

I have read each and everyone one of the 68 opinions on decoupage, a few points
I love it when your "brutally honest"
you all  made very valid points
If I could bring you more stamps I would have done it long before now
I have read each post but deleted them all as this is my market research for my eyes only *wink*
thank you to all of you who took the time to leave a comment, I stand by my original decision but its
nice to have back up sometimes because I am not trained to do this job, no degree in business here only many years at the "school of hard knocks".

So now I need to be on the look out for something new to bring to you all...............suggestions on a postcard please!
With CHA on in USA this week, Janiel is off to view what new and what's hopefully going to be hot.
I can't say that we came home last year with loads of new product ideas, (just lots of craft shopping),
I am sure that this industry is having to work much harder that in past years to find a product idea to compete in this market, is there anything out there that is totally original and new, I doubt it, it's only fashion trends and re vamping old ideas, much like everything else in the world. The last original and exciting product was cuttle bug embossing folders, I was so please not to have to use those brass stencils and light boxes ever again.

take care


Paula said...

Glad you were able to draw some conclusions from the feedback. Take care with the funeral etc..... & travelling south. Hard to know where the trend is - Diane Duda & Leanne Ellis are such original artists & the Manga Designs are definitely in.........
Paula (PEP)

Max said...

Oh Karen, I really don't envy you the task of hunting down new and innovative products to tempt us, as the craft industry is absolutely HUGE now and all the companies obviously have their own versions of the 'latest must have' gadget, papers, stamps etc ...
I can't afford to keep up but at the end of the day you can only use one trimmer, embossing machine or binding machine at a time so I make do with the ones I have LOL! I'm sure you will find something to tickle our crafty tastebuds though ... and have fun looking.

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weewiccababe said...

hmmmmm, something new..... well I've been looking for something a little different for ages. Being a typical Aquarian (aka pain in the bum) I don't like to follow the crowd, I like to be different, but there seems to be fads that everyone goes for eg at the moment it seems to be Kenny K downloads
what I think I would like to see is more pin-up type stamps for men. EG the sexy (but not dirty) nurse for a man's get well card, or the sexy garden centre assistant if you get where I'm coming from. The Bombshell stamps are too tattoo-ey and the Sassy Studio Designs' are too pretty.
Anyway, have waffled on enough, will have a think about something new

Teri said...

I think there are enough cutsie images on the market, whether it be stamps or digi's, so anything 'out of the ordinary' would be fab.
A lot of the new image fads seem to be rather childish too. I had someone refuse a card I made because the image was 'childish', and it was meant for a teenager!!
So anything different please!

Teri x

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