This card has been designed  for us by Sarah and she has used the new SIMPLY SASSY stamp named

There is no one in the UK who does not already know that Kate has given William her heart and I am delighted to see this young, beautiful couple full of wonder and dreams for their life together, they have known each over a long time and I am sure they have worked through a lot of extra issue that arise when you fall in love with someone who has such a public life.
 William will one day I hope be our KING and the beautiful Kate our Queen, I hope that it is in my life time that this mammoth event takes place for me and you to witness.
The Royal family, like any family have not had perfect life's and with each new generation, rules and protocol relax and they are more people friendly than they have ever been.
I wish them both a wonderful life together, it make me all mushy just watching them.

I LOVE a good romance, I am addicted to twilight fan fiction and read every day. How many story lines is there where Edward and Bella fall in and out of love, so many I lost count a year ago. I am tempted to break my addiction and read something that does not include those two twilight characters but I just cant let go, not just yet.

So whats on my desk this Wednesday..
..... in my top drawer we have artwork from Mary Hall and Diane Duda, we will not see those in rubber this year as our schedule is full.
There are a stack of parcels for our DT who get to play with all the new designs first, those will go in the post today girls so watch out for a little sugar coming your way.
Some sample back from the factory of the SIMPLY ADORABLE :)
A couple of cards from sugar addicts, thank you Sue and Moira who posted those to the house of sugar, beautiful work girls thank you.

And would  you believe it TABLET, yes Tina one of our local customers heard me talking about my love of tablet and went home and made me some. She had never made it before and it tested her to her limits by all account but she came back into town and presented me with this........

and a box to put the sweeties in.
 I am gobsmacked not only at the amount of time
 Tina spent doing this but the fact that she did it for little old me!
so a huge thank you to Tina for her kindness :)


That's all from me today, I need to get to the postoffice soon so ta ta for now, catch you again soon.


Robin said...

I am in the USA and have never heard of "tablet". What is it? Can you share a recipe?

Victoria said...

Oh what is tablet? Never heard of it bfore. I am the same with Twilight, keep getting them out every few books read, doesn't matter how many times i read them, I still love them.

Lorraine said...

got a question i know you will want to scream at me but what is tablet?
Is it like fudge?

It is really bugging me lol xx

Diamond Doll said...

You couldn,t have worded it better i feel exactly the same about William and Kate, so romantic a bit of happy news for a change.Enjoy your tablet,fab sweetie box too.
Trish (-:

Pam said...

Awh, Karen, I knew you were a softie really! You're right, it is lovely to see a couple so obviously happy, though, though the ring caused a big discussion in the staff room today. What a gorgeous pressie that is - wish I was there to help you eat it!!

Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous cards!!

Shazza said...

have to confess a Twilight addiction too Karen. Delighted for William and Kate, they looked so happy last night during the interview and William is quite funny.
Love the card and love tablet too, lucky you and lucky DT getting a Sugar parcel x

Paula said...

Tablet?? Looks good & beautifully presented - very thoughtful & tasteful.
Paula (PEP)

Thistleblue said...

Mmmmm Tablet! I love it! and haven't made any for years! I remember when i was wee, my mum used to make this and us kids would get the scrapings when she cut it into portions, usually to sell in aid of the local hospice... I too have an addiction to all things twilight, in fact all things vampire, so love vampire diaries too... I think i really am still 15 years old..;-)
Beautiful cards on your desk too hope you had a great day
p.s. enjoy the tablet ;-)

Erika said...

Wow what a lovely gift Karen.
Tablet is yummy and highly addictive beware!!

~ Ali ~ said...

I didn't realise you loved tablet we have THE best sweet shop on the island that sells the most A-MAZ-ING tablet ever I'll send you some. I could have brought you some to the SECC. The recipe has been in the shop for generations when the shop sells so does the recipe and no-one has ever leaked the ingredients to another soul. It gets sent all over the world our tablet thats how good it is.

Hugs Ali x