Foundations and structure

If your are at all familiar with the building trade you will know that a solid foundation and a well planned structure is essential for a successful building. Well the House of Sugar has non of that, its more like that club house build at the bottom of the garden with scraps of wood left over from all sorts of projects and the original one room play house has been added to so much that its a monstrosity that  is still a lot of fun to play in, may wobble a bit under the pressure with lots going on at certain times of the year. There is no doubt that SN is bigger that we ever dreamed it would be but it's still a ramshackle put together back yard business that sits along side those amazing designer mansions in the world that is rubber stamp companies.

So we may offer you BBQ in the back yard instead of a banquet in a top hotel,
A put together blog with an author who failed English in school as is clear to see in my spelling abilities. articulate I am not !
But with all our failings, problem's and traumas, we still  find what stampers are looking for. I  by myself must run  SN with  about 8 hours real work in a week and 60 hours of surfin and chattin, I am delighted to find new artist and bring them into the spot light, I have enjoyed seeing them grow and flourish, some are still very much part of SN even if they have moved on. I am more than happy to say that I have met and become true friends with some lovely girls, those girls are my support system when I begin to doubt why and what I am doing here, when I could be sitting in a craft room enjoying this hobby like I once did, oh so long ago, they are the ones that give me their honest opinions and loyal support. Thank you girls you all know who you are , luv ya all :)

I need to focus, ( I need to do all that b****y paperwork the government chuck at small businesses)
I need to go back to the beginning and have  a good foundation, its too late to save some parts of what Sugar Nellie  has built up as the cracks have already appeared and are unrepairable, I was so naive and trusting in the beginning but everything for now on needs to be signed sealed and solid, lets also improve as we re build, not necessarily bigger but defiantly better.

My first step and they will be baby steps as I ain't the least bit athletic!.......... is to regulate the posts on this blog here is the plan

Tuesday~ try something new, a card fold or a box, maybe a home decor item, what ever I find I will share with you. New products in the craft market, tools toys and papers I will seek them out.
Wednesday~ work day , whats on my desk, news on artwork, mag feature and competitions
Thursday~ challenges, the sugar bowl and other challenges you should know about
Friday~ something for the weekend from Mark at Funkykits
Sunday~ spotlight on a sugar addict, we can now tell where our site traffic comes from and maybe I will trace back to who is sending readers our way and shine the spot light on them.

If YOU have any input just leave me a comment or a suggestion, if its meant for my eyes only start it with PRIVATE and I will read and delete, its easier than emailing me. Sugar Nellie has always listened and been guided by YOU so don't be shy or pop over to the face book page with you can chat with me and all my sweet buddies. If you think I can blether you ain't read anything yet!

Before I go, special hugs to dear Donalda who's not feeling 100%, take care and look after yourself Donalda, I will be thinking about you.
Chrissy's little darling is burning up and in need of some TLC from her Mummy, hugs to you both and I hope she feels better soon.
If anyone else needs a hug. here is yours (((((hug)))) and here is a little treat to cheer you up.

PS Simply Sassy set #2 should be over at Funkykits by this weekend, they have skipped pre order this time and have taken a lucky guess as to how much stock they will need, fingers crossed they have enough.
take care


Elaine said...

Where to start?
You may well say SN is a ramshackle put together back yard business, but you've obviously done something right. Here you are, 3 years on and still going strong, getting better and better.
A lot of these big companies with huge offices are struggling and some are going under (size isn't everything, or so I'm told!)And I'm more than happy to spend my time at a back yard BBQ, drinking beer with my buddies! Sugar Nellie is a 'people' company, you care what you're customers want and like.

Paperwork is a burden on a small business - this is my day job - but it'a all part and parcel of keeping that business running.

Irrepairable cracks? Sometimes there's nothing else to do but strip the bad out and replace with new and better. Time consuming and hard work but worth the effort in the end. And at least you will have learned not to do the same thing again. "Them's that have never done anything wrong have never done anything" You've done so much so there's bound to be times when you look back and maybe wished you'd done it differently!

Errr Facebook, what do you mean by blether?? I hope you're not including me in that statement! Quiet as a church mouse and very reserved that I am!
Great fun though on Facebook with all the other Sugar addicts.
Have I 'blethered' enough today?

Love Elaine xx

mustavcoffee said...

Well hi Karen, for a lady who didn't do so well at English you've managed brilliantly, love reading your very interesting blog. I'm sure many businesses out there have a very similar background but no idea how to talk to their customers, not only do you provide a brilliant shop for us but inspire and enable us to create masterpieces:0). What more do we need?
You just keep doing what you do it's marvelous, Thanks:0) xx

Anne said...

give me a bbq any day Karen i like to know what i'm eating i must admit i don't always comment but i do pop over to see whats going on eagerly awaiting the launches can't wait to get them there fabulous Keep up the good work
Anne xx

Tanya R said...

Hi Karen,

Wow! Sugar Nellie and the growth you have been going through is very similar to being a parent. What we learn, due to hindsight, will make us stronger. Being naive is not a bad thing, but there comes a time when we must gain knowledge in areas in order to protect our well being, and those dependant on us.

How about getting the Design Team to help you with the weekly postings? Having a couple of senior design team members willing to do a post may lighten up your workload. I know when asked such things of me, I am glad to help out. I am sure your DT ladies would be more than willing, after all it is a nice feeling to be needed.

Good Luck, and remember all good things take time, and no matter how good a foundation, that foundation will always need to be taken care of.


Shazza said...

oh Karen, the House of Sugar is wonderful and I'm happy with a BBQ anytime. Love this latest image and the plans for the reguklar blogging sound good. Anything I can do to help just shout

Maria Therese said...

Seems you have a lot to do, so hugs to you to! I love the SN stamps and the daily blog input from the SN blog! Huuuuuugs!!

Jane said...

Give me a BBQ in the back yard at the House of Sugar any time.

Clare *Littlebear* said...

I've just been to the shop and can't find this image - she's beautiful! I will keep an eye out for her.

Aurelie (France ) said...

Yes ! I buy them from this weekend! I'm in a hurry!

Bubbles said...

Wishing you all the best with everything that you have planned. I've been a big SN fan from the beginning and it was your stamps that started off my stamping obsession!!!!
The new image is adorable!
Joanne x

Paula said...

You take care too Karen - much love to both Donalda & the little one - was thinking of both earlier today & wondering how things were going.
Paula (PEP)

Pam said...

Hugs right back atcha, matey. Love the building analogy - going to have to get you a hard hat Mrs Mac! You started out building a wee extension and ended up with a sprawling house of sugar with lots of designer rooms for us all to play in with you - and for that we thank you. So what if the foundations were not planned and measured - sometimes the very best of things grow in their own way, and it takes a talented and open-minded 'architect' to amend and adjust their blueprints to let this happen. Funky foundations aside, the cement that keeps this building together is you, with all the loyal Sugar Nellie fans as scaffolding to help your vision grow onwards and upwards. Some folk don't get loyalty, and that's hard, but that also means that they don't reap the rewards of feeling part of something, and how that can make us feel. Their loss. The House of Sugar may not be a fancy mansion, but it's a warm and welcoming home - I know which I'd rather! Oh, and chuck something on that backyard bbq for me, as it sounds much more appetising than a banquet!

Rufus said...

Love the house of Sugar! I'll take the backyard BBQ any day.

~ Ali ~ said...

I can't really add much that's not already been said.... I will echo Mrs Blether though You are a "Peoples Company" You care what people say and want, You listen!!! I will say one thing..... It is an extreme HONOUR to be a sweetie for The Sugar Bowl. I have met fabulous Sweet friends through my love of Sugar Nellie.

Oh and just one more thing I bought the beers for the bestest BBQ in town :D

Sugar Nellie is here to stay Karen and we will make sure it does.

Hugs Ali x

Julie M said...

Wow - that image is divine. I love my SN stamps - still use even the older ones over and over.


angelique (anlou) said...

you've received so many wonderful bloggers and crafter with your arms open, so thanks for that sweetie
i'll give you a big hug back
i love a good BBQ, that beter then a fancy hotel
i don't understand it all, but my english is not so good
hugs angelique

D K Crafts said...

Good luck with whatever decisions you decide to make. I came across Sugar Nellie about a year ago and have loved it since. I started cardmaking around April time this year (and I am still learning), and these are one of my favourite stamps to use and I never get tired of them. Look forward to the new stamps you are releasing and the new daily blog with ideas and info. I read your blog often but do not always comment, will try to comment more often. Love all the inspiration from both yourself and the DT members. Take care. Donna

Diamond Doll said...

Oh my i love this image and i,m sure i,ll love the rest they are going to be a must have.
You are such a busy lady, i love reading the posts,as one of the other ladies said try asking your fab Design team to help out i,m sure they would love too.
Take care
Trish (-:

Linda said...

Me Karen I`d have the BBQ and the homely chat any day and I just love our jaunts up to see you in SN land. Us being Fiona Jane & I the three musketeers. We luv ya all up there!! Oh and theses new stamps well what can I say just keep them coming!!

Pat said...

Oh Karen...I discovered the world outside of Stampin Up just less than a year ago and I know this...I fell in love with SN immediately! And, from my perspective, darlin,' this little company ROCKS!!!!!And just when I think I've seen the best you have to come up with some new treasure!! I thoroughly enjoy reading your fabby blog...and feel as though you and I could be good friends...from across the water!!! And I'd totally eat BBQ with you...with lots of sauce and coleslaw...that's how we eat 'em here in the South!! Sweet hugs for you, darlin'...and keep doingnwhat you're doing...because it's working, lov!! Pat Frank

Max said...

Well Karen - I can only echo what has already been said. Sometimes a little 'underpinning' is all it takes to strengthen the foundations and prevent subsidence. You work extremely hard ... that is obvious ... and because of that we all get to benefit from knowing that you care about your customers and are constantly striving to bring us a variety of high quality products to cater for all tastes. Keep doing what you're doing 'cos it works.
Oh BTW ... can I have onions on my burger please *wink*

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

Julye said...

Returning hugs, and who needs to spell when you can craft and spread so much happiness. I don't envy you with the paper work but as for posh hotels, at least at a bbq you can be youself and don't have to behave. I'm not fussed about the beer as half a glass and I am totally plastered and usually just end up in a fit of giggles, hubby says can't take me anywhere though in a big hotel it does cause a stir.
This cute image is wonderful when can we get our mits on these , have to say this one so reminds me of my sister when she was little , cute blond curls and angelic face but such a devil in disguise. Nolonger that cute but still a devil, but usually lots of fun as long as you don't cross her. Have a great day and try and find some you time over the weekend with the fab job you do you deserve it.

Janette said...

I'll stay for a BBQ any day of the week, love SN just as have done brilliantly..xxxx

weewiccababe said...

I really enjoy hearing about the goings on behind the scenes, it makes Sugar Nellie all the more real!